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On Monday Kalissa and Anders came over. She had an errand to do and I took care of Anders but after that, it was modeling time for me!!

As many of you know, Kalissa has a T-shirt Quilting/Cross Stitch business via Etsy. You can find her shop HERE. It’s her business but the two of us do a lot of it together. It’s fun and we have a really good time doing it. The best part of it all is that she can schedule new T-shirt launches during downtime when life isn’t quite so crazy. It’s a great mom-side hustle.

Another great thing is she can do pre-orders so she doesn’t have to have a ton of space and inventory. They have a three-bedroom house and all the spaces are used. Her business is run out of her upstairs hallway. It’s not glamorous but it doesn’t stop her from having fun with it all.

Today is the day for the new launch. I thought I would share some of the photos we took yesterday and give you a little background on each of the shirts.

First up is So Happy Together.

I was listening to my playlist some time ago and the song So Happy Together came on. I immediately grabbed a scrap of paper, drew a quilt block, and wrote the words “So Happy Together” on it. I thought it would be perfect for a quilting shirt.

I passed the idea to Kalissa and then I forgot all about the idea. A few months later when Kalissa was designing shirts she sent me this design. I had completely forgotten that I had jotted down the idea and passed it to her. She kept the little scrap of paper and used it as her jumping-off point when designing the shirt. I love it…I love the purple and aqua colors together too. It looks bright and Summery.

I think these would be so fun to get for a group of quilters. How fun would it be to wear them to a retreat and all of you who traveled together would have this same shirt…SO FUN!! If everyone on a quilting bus trip or shop hop had them, that would be so cute.

If you’re a Kaffe fan, you might even be able to make a quilt with the same colors. HA!! Can you believe my quilt matches so well? That gave both Kalissa and me a giggle to see how well they matched.

The next shirt is all Kalissa’s idea and the second I saw the design, I ordered one!!

When we take photos of the shirts, Kalissa likes me to find a quilt I’ve made that would coordinate with the shirt. I came up with this quilt…I love it and it was perfect for the photo shoot. When she saw the quilt she said, “Do you think Izzy would cooperate and she would let up take her picture?” I said we could try…

Then Rosie was all upset she wasn’t included. HA!! It was so funny. It’s good that we are patient and have a good sense of humor!!

The shirt says, “The best quilts have dog hair”. How could I not get one of these shirts?? Dogs and quilts and two of my VERY favorites!!

The second she designed this I told her, the cat people will be jealous. You better design a cat shirt too. She said no…she’d just do the dog shirt first. Then she posted something online with the dog shirt and immediately someone commented, “What about cats?”. That sent Kalissa back to the computer and she designed one for cats.

Kalissa did take Izzy outside later and got this super cute picture of her.

For the cross stitchers, Kalissa did a reprint of two of her most popular shirts. This is Stitch More, Worry Less. For me, this isn’t just for cross-stitchers. It can be for quilters too. I think anything that uses a needle is classified as stitching.

V-neck has been the most popular with this so V-neck was the option she had this reprinted in. I LOVE the green. I immediately told Kalissa to save one of these in my size. In this brand, Bella Canvas, I wear a large. I’m just telling you that so if you are ordering you know to order true to size.

The other cross stitch shirt is the design she previously had available on sweatshirts only. Now it’s moved to T-shirts. This is a tri-bland fabric and it’s a little thinner than the regular shirts. Initially, I wasn’t in love with it. I tried it on with a black bra and I could totally see the bra through the shirt.

Then I tried it on with a nude bra…I fell in love with the shirt. It’s super lightweight. We took a picture of the back too just so you can see it wasn’t see-through.

This is available in both V-neck and crew neck.

We had a great time taking pictures.

Kalissa opened her Etsy shop to pre-orders today. You can find her shop by following THIS LINK. Please note this is PRE-ORDER. The shirts will be shipped in early June. To guarantee that you will get a shirt, please pre-order before May 20th.

As Kalissa was getting ready to go she asked which was my favorite shirt and which I was going to order. I laughed and told her I thought I got paid for my modeling services in free merchandise. HA!! She laughed and said “Seriously mom, which would you order?” I said all of them except the cat shirt because I don’t have a cat. HA!!

Bottom line, the pink dog shirt is my first pick…but I love the green Worry Less shirt. I just love that color of green. It’s too hard to choose. But I love the Sew Happy Together…and now that I know I can wear the cross stitch shirt with a nude bra and it’s all good, I love that one too.

So I’ll ask you…which is your favorite. Leave a comment and let me know.

After Kalissa left I saw there was a stack of shirts that she had left here. I called her and told her. She laughed and said, “I thought you get paid in t-shirts”. HA!! I guess it was Happy Mother’s Day to me!! I am one lucky girl and don’t have to pick my favorite… more thing. There’s a discount. For our readers, we’re offering a special discount. Simply use the code PINK10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase of quilting and cross stitching shirts. SUPER IMPORTANT note on that – when you go to check out make sure to enter the promo code in the box that says ADD A SHOP COUPON CODE – NOT apply an Etsy Coupon code.

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    1. Hey jo…for some reason we can’t open the blog, “what I’ve been working on” this morning.

      1. UGH. Can you tell me how you are trying to view it? Phone, Tablet, Laptop, desktop? Can you tell me how you are trying to get there? Is it from the email newsletter?

        1. SusanfromKentucky

          Aww..didn’t know about the discount, but I already ordered the dog hair shirt. When you posted that on Instagram, I KNEW I had to have it because it’s so true!

        2. Mornin. I tried getting it from my tablet, through your email, and also by using the “next post” feature at the end of the post before it. Tried several times throughout the day. Hope u can figure it out bc I love that post. :)

      2. Mornin. I tried getting it from my tablet, through your email, and also by using the “next post” feature at the end of the post before it. Tried several times throughout the day. Hope u can figure it out bc I love that post. :)

    1. Kalissa Friedman

      Hey! Mom wears a size large! She’s about a 12-14! These are all unisex sizing – whatever size of shirt you would grab off the clothing rack to try on is probably your size!

    2. I am not replying to Linda but that’s the only place a box appears.
      Cute shirts but as a long armer the best quilt does not have any pet hair on it! It flies around when I’m quilting, makes me sneeze and sometimes pops up on the next customer quilt.

  1. I a ordering the Sew Happy in purple. Love that! And also the doggie one, but alas, I have no doggie now. Any chance that you might do the green V-neck with the sewing pin cushion? I sew and quilt but don’t cross-stitch. Would love the green and I only buy v-necks. Thanks so much. Love your blog!!

  2. I have cats and dogs so I would have a hard time choosing. Honestly I like them all. you guys are so talented.

  3. I love the aqua and purple one! If Kalissa is looking for ideas, how about “Quilting…Living the Dream”.

  4. V-necks are my very favorite! I don’t wear t-shirts often because I can never get ones that fit me the way I look, but I’m going to take a look because they are so cute!

  5. Love the dog hair shirt but also sew happy. Glad to see the cross stitch shirt in a light color too. Great job Kalissa!

  6. Any chance we can see your Kaffe quilt opened up in full view? I have lots of Kaffe fabric and want to make a quilt and this looks like it might be a good one, not too hard. Love the new shirts and the way your dogs pose for your pictures. So cute!

  7. I definitely love the Sew Happy shirt, the colors are gorgeous. And I will add my vote for V neck style over crew neck! I think V neck style is more flattering and slenderizing, especially for those of us getting into the mid to later years. Good luck on your business!

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