New Shirts from Kalissa

My daughter Kalissa was playing on the computer trying to design a few new T-shirts that she would list for sale. She sent me a couple of designs and asked what I thought about them. Well, of course, I liked them. She ended up sending a few of the designs for printing just to see how they would look and just like that, Kalissa is selling T-shirts again. HA!! There is a variety of quilting and cross stitch shirts.

I’ll start out showing you my favorite one… It happens to be a cross stitch t-shirt. I loved this one. I previously didn’t like V-neck shirts but that has changed.

In this picture and another I’m holding project bags from Deborah Harry. She is an amazing bag maker. You can follow her and find out more about her sales HERE.

It says, “Cross Stitch: Turning thread into therapy”.

Next is Counting Queen, Count twice Stitch once. HA!! I need to practice that.

Here is the new shirt for quilters. Well the design isn’t new. Previously it was only on a long sleeve shirt.

You can find all the info about the shirts and ordering over on Kalissa’s blog. You can get there using THIS LINK.

I snapped this picture of Kalissa trying to get pictures taken. She’s such a busy mom juggling so many things. Gannon wanted some attention so threw himself into the picture she was trying to take.

If you missed the link to find more about ordering shirts, you can find it HERE.

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  1. Jo, you are such an inspiration for us all. I am a cross stitcher, but not using linen, I cross stitch on Aida cloth. I had cataract surgery & it took away my fine tuning stitching. I love all your projects & have ordered a lot, they won’t look as delicate as yours. I live in Memphis, Tennessee. Love your blogs

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