New Pups in the House

I’ve got some new pups in the house…I guess I should say dogs.

There was a note in our group that said they would need fosters for two small golden doodles that would be released from a breeder. We knew nothing about age except that they were adults. No ages…not even if they were male or female.

I’m game for anything so I said I would help out however needed…maybe just getting them to the vet…maybe keeping them and getting them adopted out.

Well, they came to my house last night.

They are cute but definitely needed baths and a spa day. They had the biggest uncleaned eye boogers that I’ve ever seen.

This is Fiona. She is three. She weighs 17.5 pounds. She is a little love bug. She loves attention. She loves getting pets.

The two were at the vet all day. They didn’t have a groomer in but a tech was in and made plans to shave them. We hate completely shaving them down but this gal was a mattered mess of VERY tight curls.

They had baths last night and a big walk.

They didn’t know about a leash but are doing really well with it now. I’m pleased with how quickly they are learning.

This is Freddie. He is also 3. We all think he could have a little corgi in him as he is stocky in the barrel of his body.

They both did well sleeping in a house for the first time ever in their lives. I was worried Fiona might fuss in her kennel so I covered it with a blanket. They both did great overnight and I didn’t hear a peep from either of them.

Freddie’s curls weren’t so tight so I spent the evening brushing him out.

I have never had any dogs bathe so easily and sit so nicely for brushing ever. These two are masters at that- especially Freddie. They never once tried to get out of the utility sink. What a joy to bathe. (whoever says a dog is a joy to bathe???)

You can see in the picture above that Freddie’s front legs are pretty short and stumpy.

They are not housetrained. So far Fiona hasn’t had any accidents. Freddie so far has been a marker. When I had Jerry, he was a marker so I bought some reusable belly bands for him. I actually need more. I put them on the Foster Care Wish List I keep. Freddie needs the medium-sized ones but I added small ones in case I get a smaller dog with the same problem.

We’re hoping that teh marking lessens after surgery and after he’s more comfortable in my house. It typically does. The vet reminded me that it takes a full month for the hormones to taper off after a neutering surgery. So for now it’s belly bands. He’s so sweet and cooperative that I don’t mind a bit.

In general, housetraining older dogs is easier than training puppies as their bladders are bigger and they can wait a little longer.

As I was writing, the vet just called. These guys are ready to be picked up. I’ll try to insert a couple of pictures of them once they are back so you can see them all shaved. They are going to look like different dogs for sure.

Here is Fiona…She just loves Georgie.

Here is a picture of her by herself. What a changed look, but she needed it!!

Here is Freddie…Freddie loves kids and people too. He’s a guy who loves a belly rub!!

I am just in love with both of these. If I didn’t have two dogs, I’d easily consider keeping one or even both of them. They have a sweet personality and all they want is love. I can already tell they will be loyal companions. As I was dropping them off this morning, Freddie had the “Oh, don’t leave me look”. He had identified me as his person. Awww…

The vet helpers and I all agreed that Freddie and Fiona both were about the most mellow dogs they had ever seen at the vet. Such sweeties!!

I think these guys will be adopted quickly. If anyone is interested put in an application ASAP. HERE is the link to the HEART Animal Rescue page where you can find the application form. Adoption fees are $300 each. It helps cover their vet fees, grooming, and cost of care fees while they are here with us. We make no money in the end and that’s totally okay. We all volunteer because we love dogs and want them to be happy…and in turn, make you all happy too.

I’m gonna love these two while I have them. The are just precious.

7 thoughts on “New Pups in the House”

  1. Fiona and Freddie are super. I have a beautiful great great nephew called Freddie – he’s beautiful too! Can’t imagine the digs will be at your house for long. What happened to Jerry? I must have missed that blogpost.

  2. They are so cute! They will be lovely, loyal companions for someone. We have 2 purebred Labrador brothers, one of them also has short legs that look like Freddie’s. We also used to have a purebred Springer Spaniel with exactly the same shape legs – we wondered if it’s some kind of genetic thing? Whatever, they are living/lived a very full, long life!

  3. Polly Currier

    I’m sure Fiona feels much better. I never realized having severely matted hair is painful for the animal, pulling on their skin. I’ve only ever had short haired dogs. They sound like wonderful dogs. You, Jo, are wonderful for providing good foster care for all the dogs you have had.

  4. Such cute little dogs! They are so lovable. My nephew has one of that breed, but not the miniature. Enjoy them! Such a cute picture of Fiona and Georgia.

  5. I so often wish I could adopt from you ‘borders’, but I live in Connecticut. A bit of a drive!, maybe. These are 2 more sweeties you have had with you.

  6. They sound and look like little sweeties! I’ll bet they get adopted pretty quick. They are lucky to have you caring for them.

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