New Puppies!

If you’re new here, I foster dogs and puppies through HEART Animal Rescue.  You can find out more about them HERE.  We are a foster rescue group.  All of the dogs are fostered in a home while they are getting their vet work done and we’re finding a new home for them.  We work out of the tri-state area of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Last week I contacted the rescue coordinator and told her my house was so quiet without a pup or extra dog here.  She laughed and said there would probably be puppies coming in.  She wasn’t sure exactly how many or what breed.

It can be iffy when we hear there are puppies to pick up, especially if the dogs are coming from an Amish surrender.  Many don’t have phones so communication can be sketchy.  Also sometimes at pick-up, they will say, “Oh, take this one too” or “We thought there were three but we sold one before you got here”.  It’s always a mixed bag of possibilities when the dogs are picked up.

This time there were three.  They are mini Australian Shepherds.  There are two males…the tri-colored ones.

The merle is the one I’ll be fostering.  She’s a …female.  It’s thought that she is from a different litter.

When the coordinator of our group went to pick them up we were in a wind chill advisory with wind chill temps at -15 degrees.  These little sweeties were running around the farm in the cold.

Here they are with a little brushing and attention.   They still need baths and more complete grooming but they are getting closer…and best of all, they are in a warm home.

In a matter of hours, they look so much better.

Here’s my girl…I debated on names.  She’s such a light gray with lots of white.  I think she’s going to be Sugar unless someone has a better name.

I picked her up today.  She’s going to the vet tomorrow and will get spayed, shots, and a vet check.  Then she’ll be ready for adoption.  I can’t tell you a lot about her yet except that she is really pretty.  I’m hoping in a day or two I’ll know more about her as we get to know each other.

17 thoughts on “New Puppies!”

    1. Well…pretty good usually. I guess it’s all a natural process, adults and animals alike are all eventually split from their original families. It becomes the next chapter in their life just like teenagers leaving the home and going to college.

    1. Kathleen Rountree

      oh they are adorable, adorable. And so much work – good for you !

      I’m intrigued now. in cats, a tri-colored cat is almost ALWAYS a female. If it is a male, it is almost never fertile. It’s a genetics thing.
      Yellow cats are almost always male. Another genetics thing.

      But you have male tri-colors – and when I search, there is no mention of this same genetic ‘rule’ existing in dogs… FASCINATING.

      enjoy them…

      1. Aussies have weird genetics! They can be red/white, black/white (and why a 2 color dog is called a ‘Tri’ I’ll never understand!) or Merle like these (any mix of tan, white, gray, black). Merles very often have one or two blue eyes. The rule of thumb when breeding them is NEVER two Merles. The offspring have a huge chance of being deaf and or blind. Love Aussies – they are smart, loyal and great company.

    2. As far as I know, color is not sex-linked in any breed of dog as it is in cats.
      The puppy could be a double merle; I hope not, because they often have hearing and/or sight impairments.

  1. The little Black and Tan with white chest looks like my long hair doxie. I love there eyes. It would be hard for me to let them go. I fall in love with them, heck a stray dat that hangs around my house has my heart, food and warm place to sleep if he wants.

  2. She is cute. I like the name Sugar. Perfect for her. Her nose has a heart shape black marking. At least that is what it looks like in the pictures. She is in style for Valentine Day. The other two are real cute too. Hope they all find a home soon.

  3. What a pretty animal. I thought the name “Saucy” is better. I wonder what her personality will be. Will she require grooming?

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Yay, another puppy to follow to their forever home!!! I wonder which grandchild will bond with her??!! I love that your home provides them with love, training and socialization with other dogs and littles!! It makes them so much more adoptable!! That’s why people need to foster animals, if they can!!

  5. I was thinking Icey, Windy, Chilly or Winter for the frigid temps she was found in. Seasonal names seem to suit her.

  6. What a darling ball of fluff! We used to have an Australian Shepherd – they are the smartest and sweetest dogs!
    Thank you for fostering!
    Love and prayers

  7. What darling little puppies! They all look kind of sad, but I know in no time they will look so much happier. Again, thank you for generously opening your home and heart to these doggies in need.

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