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You might remember that I made some new goals for 2018.  I want to make expand my horizons on the type and authors of the quilts I make.  I have been thinking about this a lot since Thanksgiving time and over Christmas break I resolved to do something to get me headed in the direction of accomplishing that goal.

YEARS ago I made a quilt that used Kaffe Fassett’s striped fabric collection.  I LOVED them.  I still do.  I have been saving the leftovers from that quilt for a LONG time.  I wouldn’t doubt that I’ve been saving them for 8 years.  It was about the same time that I had read some of Emilie Richard’s books.  She had a book of actual quilt patterns that corresponded with the books.  I really wanted to make the quilt on the front cover.  I don’t know what it was about the quilt but I really liked it.


If you look inside, the quilt shown uses those striped fabrics that I have been saving.  One of the reasons I’ve never started the quilt was that appliqueing the circle to the center of the block intimidated me.  Well I’ve decided I can do limited applique after I have been doing the applique on my Daylilies quilt…so I’m working up the courage to applique more and try this…but I wanted to have templates cut.


Getting to the auto glass store is hard for me as their hours don’t correspond with my work hours so on my “me day” (where I went to the dentist, had a mammogram and had my physical done) I stopped at the auto glass repair place that will cut templates from plexi glass for me.  They cut out a set of template for me…YAHOO.  I am one more step closer now.

I also had them cut out this set….any guesses on what it’s for??  Take a look, I think some of you can guess…

If you guessed double wedding ring, you’re right.  It is a double wedding ring set.  In the past I’ve made TWO double wedding ring quilts and I have had a third in mind to make for a long time.  I’m trying a wider ring for this version.  I’m so excited for my idea about this.  I’ve had it my mind to try out my idea for this for at least five years…just never did it.

While I was going I had them cut two more templates.  More on what these are for in future blog posts.


Cost for these template to be cut was….  $37.45.  Not the cheapest.  I’m a little frustrated with myself because I accidently told them to cut them from 1/4 rather than 1/8″ plexi.  Oh shucks.  I can still make them work.


That means they were about $4.50 for each piece cut.  That’s not terrible.  It will be worth the time savings.

Next up for me I’m going to find that left over fabric and bring it and the templates downstairs and put it in my laundry room.  One of these afternoons during nap time I am going to go through my fabric scraps and see how many Kaffe Fassett’s striped fabrics I have.  I saw some at the quilt shop in Cedar Falls, at least I think that’s where I saw them, just in case I need some more.

Isn’t it great to get to a quilt that you’re always wanted to make??

I’m so excited to have new projects on the horizon.  I’m so proud of myself for sticking to my goal of expanding my quilting projects.  I think it’s going to be a fun year!!

P.S.  A blog reader told me that she has her husband cut these plexiglass templates with his band saw.  I asked Hubby if he ever thought of getting a band saw….he looked at me and asked what do you want now….  He knows me too well.

7 thoughts on “New Projects”

  1. I read some of Emilie’s books years ago, but I didn’t know she also had a quilt book. Having your templates cut at the auto glass store is a bargain at under $5 apiece! Good for you, stepping out and expanding your quilting horizons-enjoy!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    With your oops with the 1/4″ plastic, you can also use them on your longarm! Double usage works for me!!

  3. Hmmm. new. . .don’t tempt me! I have got to stay on the graduation train. But wait, what if something NEW became a grad gift??? HMMMMM. . .

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