New Patio Table

When we went to Oronoco’s Gold Rush Days in August, Hubby and I spotted a little table that we thought had a lot of potential.

I know you are probably thinking…potential, really Jo??

Hubby and I both were excited about it!!

We had plans for it.  We were finally able to implement those plans.

Some white glossy spray paint and some Massey Ferguson red  spray paint and we had a great little table to match our furniture.

I can’t remember what the table cost…$10 I think….all in all a deal.  Now that it’s almost too cold for a fire, we have the fire ring all set.  At least it is all ready for next year.

7 thoughts on “New Patio Table”

  1. love the table with the matching chairs, but i also love what they’re sitting on! what a great scrap quilt pattern is laid out in the bricks of the fire surround. well done on both counts.

  2. Melanie Winters

    So cute! Break out some of the beverages from the garage fridge and you’ll keep plenty warm around the fire lol.

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