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Well if you saw the picture of me in yesterday’s post you can see that I’ve been sporting a new look.

I’ve let my hair grow out.  I like it so much better.


I got new glasses.  Here’s the story on that.  For years I’ve been going to the Wal-mart eye doctor but this time with all the complications I’ve had health wise I decided to give the real eye doctor a try.  Happily, a good chunk of the bill was covered by my health insurance even though we don’t have eye insurance.  That was a happy surprise so the exam was less then the Wal-mart doctor….lesson learned there.

When it came time to buy my glasses, I couldn’t get myself to spend the $775.  I ended up going home and ordering them on-line off the website Zenni.  They were $86.  YEP.  $86 for the complete pair of glass including shipping them to my door.

When ordering I uploaded a picture of myself and the website allowed me to “try the glasses” on my picture.  I knew this time around I wanted to “get out of my box” and buy something a little funkier.  My blog reader Mary Jo always has the most fun glasses and she looks so cute.  I wanted something fun and ended up with these.   So far, I like them.

I admit to having the same problems I had before though.  I end up taking my glasses off to see close as I can’t tilt my head far enough back to see adequately.  I ended up ordering a pair of prescription reading glasses….$28.  WOW.

If your family needs glasses I highly recommend Zenni.

My outfit is all LuLaroe.  Being Kalissa is selling in now I end up wearing a lot of it.  I love it though.

Next shoes.  I’ve not updated you on my foot situation.  They say no news is good news.  In my case….no news has been bad news.  Here’s the scoop….Surgery did not restore my foot to all I had hoped for.  The doctor has reassured me that there is still plenty time for more healing to take place.  He has said my true results won’t be realized until early summer.  For now, it’s been okay.  I have not been pain free.  The best way to describe it is I had two pains and traded them in for a different pain.

My bunion no longer hurts.  The area under my second toe no longer hurts.  The top of my second toe hurt where they shortened it and that radiates out into my other toes.

Shoes have been a big issue for me.  Nothing really fits.  I’ve spent time looking and researching to find something that make things better.  I’ve tried and sent back so many pairs of shoes.  I’ve spent so much money hoping something has got to relieve this….nope.

I was able to get my boots on that I previously wore but by the time I got home, I couldn’t walk my foot hurt so bad.  My foot even would bother me the next day.

Finally I found these.


These are Lems.  Lems make a minimalist, zero drop shoe and apparently, my feet like that.  The shoes also features a big “toe box”.  That means there is room for my toes to move and stretch around.  Nothing at all feels tight on my toes.  NOTHING.  I started wearing them around the house for childcare the day I got them.  I’ve been wearing them all day everyday since.  No blisters…no breaking them in.  My foot is VERY comfortable.  I still have a little bit of toe discomfort where my toe was shortened but no pain and the discomfort is not constant.  It comes and goes.

I can’t believe the relief I’ve had.

The company only offers four different styles of shoes….same for men and women.  They do come in other colors but all the same styles.  I ordered a pair of tennis shoes last week.  I hope I love them as much as the boots.

I can easily see a couple more pairs of these shoes coming into my life and EVERY other pair of shoes I own leaving my life.  I’m trying to be patient though and only ordering a pair as I can afford it.

I was standing in the kitchen last week when Kelli was home and she asked how I liked my shoes.  I got all teary and said, “My feet haven’t felt this good since I first turned 49.”  That is the truth.  I have had foot pain for the last 1 1/2 years.  It’s finally-finally feeling better.  Part of me is wondering if these shoes would have helped had I had them before surgery.

Who knows?!  For now, I’m happy that my feet are finally feeling more comfortable.

So that’s the new me….New hair, new glasses, new clothes and best of all…NEW SHOES!

20 thoughts on “New Me”

  1. Just wondering, when you order glasses online, who do you go to to get them adjusted? I always have trouble with fit, when I get a new pair.

  2. I dont know if it is anywhere around you but others might benefit. We got our glasses at Costco and they are wonderful. Take in your RX and that is it. Priced way less than half what the regular outlets charge. Hearing aids the same thing. Mom got hers at Costco.

  3. You look great! Glad you have some foot pain relief, and that you found some ‘happy shoes’. I can only ‘forget’ my neuralgia feet in oversized Crocs, original style with big boxy toe area and a size larger than my ‘regular’ shoe size. (Sexy, huh?) Just got my April 2017 issue of APQ and LOVE your Points of Interest pattern! How inventive! I can’t wait to make it and send you a photo. Love every post you make, but seldom comment. Blessings!

  4. I’ve had luck with Aerosoles at the mall for shoes, but they ain’t cheap. Not horrendously expensive though. I’ve had the Footsmart catalog (now part of The Walking Company) recommended to me, but I haven’t had any personal experience with them. You might want to check out hiking socks at an outdoor store; I think they have extra padding. Your new look is fabulous. Have you lost weight?

  5. love the look. All I wear now is LuLaRue also. My daughter sells it to. Isn’t it so fun to get to try on all the new clothes??

  6. Betty from Canada

    Don’t worry about the cost of your shoes-as long as your feet feel good that is all that matters. Also if you are pain free you will feel better all over.

  7. Did you send in your eye measurements to Zenni? I read that really helps. Do you have bifocals, and they don’t work? I feel for you with your feet. I have lots of problems with mine, too. Had surgery, and still have some pain. Glad you found some shoes that help!

  8. When I was teaching, my feet would hurt so bad by the end of the day, I’d want to cry. Then I found Sketchers Go Walk 2. They also have boxy toe areas. Never had foot pain after switching! No they are not “classy” looking, but even wore them to work with suits and dresses! Now retired, but I still wear them all day (I don’t sit a lot) to keep my feet happy.

  9. Jo, you look so hip – love it! I really like that vest too! So happy that found the shoes – I know what a big deal that is. While my foot issues haven’t been nearly as bad as yours, I’ve gone through lots of different shoes before finding the ones that are kind to my feet so I have no more pain. I didn’t know about Zenni – we’ve used Coastal with great success.

  10. Dansko’s also has shoes with a boxy toe. I get mine through where they run about half off the full price. Since I’ve been wearing my Dansko’s I no longer have foot pain. Good luck finding the shoes that work for you. It’s no fun to constantly be in pain.

  11. Love the new look and glad to hear that you found some shoes that make your feet happy. Love the new glasses and the new clothes, great new you.

  12. You really are looking great! Before I had finished reading your blog, I went in and told my hubby about the glasses you got from Zenni. He’s had a hard time finding the frames that are plastic and don’t have those little nose pad things. So glad you found shoes you like. I had problems with my feet about 30 years ago and found SAS Women’s Free Time shoes which I’ve been wearing ever since. I put a new pair on and worked a whole day outside with my dad without my feet hurting at all!

  13. Love the new look! I think the longer hairstyle combined with the new outfit make you look thinner. But you always look good to me. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your feet. Hope the new boots help your feet – I think they look cute -especially with those leggings!

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