New Job for Craig

Big changes this week in the Friedman house! Kalissa is getting promoted to a Farmer’s Wife!

It is Craig’s first day at his new job on Achen Farms! Follow their Facebook page to keep up with life on the farm!

I snapped a picture of him before he left for work….

Hannah, the owner’s daughter and worker at the farm, said it so well, “Welcome, Craig Friedman! Today is his first day at Achen Farms as our fleet mechanic and row crop operator. Craig is smart, savvy, thoughtful and organized, which makes us feel awfully fortunate to have him. And the poetry of Roger’s son-in-law joining the operation is certainly not lost on us.”

It isn’t lost on us either. Craig will now be caring for the land that Kramer cared for for 25+ years.

Hannah took this picture of Craig today….It’s so good to see him smiling.

He had been working as a farm implement mechanic.  He liked the work but the customer service aspect of the job was getting old.  He’s also going to love his 5 minute commute time…Kramer always did!!

I’m so happy to see Craig smiling and happy that I’ll still know a little bit about what’s happening at the farm.  I’ve missed it!

13 thoughts on “New Job for Craig”

  1. As a girl growing up on a farm years ago, back when we had a 80 acre farm. LOL. I loved the farm. Good for Craig to keep farming in the family.

  2. Congratulations to Craig. Glad to see some of the good he’s put out into the world coming back to him.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Praying that all goes well on Craig’s new job. It’s so special that Kramer’s son-in-law was able to step up and get that particular job. Congratulations to the family

  4. Congratulations Craig! I look forward to some farm updates and pictures of Carver in a tractor with Dad. Kramer will smiling down on this new day. Lucky Achen farms.

  5. How wonderful! Congratulations on your new job, Craig! Achen Farms is lucky to have you in their employ!
    -Jean ❤

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