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I told you that I’ve been off of childcare while I’ve been taking my oral chemo.  I’ve been trying to find a nice mix of getting some stuff done and taking it easy.  Our son, Karl, is watching me and keeping me in line.  He stops by most days and checks that I’m not doing too much.

I’ve made a deal with him that I can write blog posts, cross-stitch, quilt, and do a couple of other odd jobs.  Nothing big.  I’ve been doing my best to stay in compliance.

I really do want to get some things done around here so I’ve implemented a do one job I want to get done that I’ve wanted to get done for a long time.

On this day’s list was a new ironing board cover for the ironing board on the main floor.

The problem is that my ironing board isn’t any old ironing board.  It’s a special one by the company Rid-Jid.  You can see the old ad for them below.

The ironing board was designed so that you can sit at it when ironing.  The other fun feature is that at the end there is a lever that can be turned and “wings” expand out to make the end square.  See??

This works great when I am ironing a whole quilt top or backing for a quilt.

I bought my ironing board in 2010 at the thrift store.  I splurged and paid $6 for it.  The other ironing boards there were wooden and were only $1.  At the time I didn’t know the end folded out.  I just knew that the ironing board seemed really sturdy.

Making an ironing board cover for it is always a challenge.  I had the original pad that went on it.  I laid out the fabric and put the pad on top.  I roughly cut around it but allowed for the extended end.

I made a casing around the outside.

Then it was time to find my Purple Thing.  I love this for putting elastic or cord through to make a drawstring.

Only problem…I couldn’t find it..well, I found this one first.  It’s a similar concept.  I used it to feed some elastic through the casing.

Once I had the elastic through it was time to try it on.

Here it is with the sides expanded…

Here it is with the sides collapsed.  I wish it were a little tighter but, if I want it to expand, it has to be like this when the sides are pulled in.  The good news, I typically have the sides out so…no worries.

I’m so happy…another job tackled.  Nothing stressful.  Karl should approve of this.  I got something done but I didn’t tear apart a room and put it all back together…a win all around!!

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  1. Judith Fairchild

    Great ironing board sturdy but light and so nice to use. Mom had a ximilar one. Only no wings. I noticed your cover is polka dots. I like it. Well Done those wings would come in handy on any ironing board.

  2. Ginette LEFEBVRE

    Wow what a beautiful project. Looks like new. Its lke u said the other dsy. “Making something for myself… ” I never knew where to leave comment. Take care.. from one survivor to another… I’ve had mouth and throat cancer.. 28 sessions of radiation and many surgeries. Im still here living everyday as à présent. My hobbies are sewing reading painting and walking ..

  3. This is such a cool ironing board! I even sent it to dh who loves to look at those old ads. They must be good if they’re still around!
    Love and prayers

  4. I have that ironing board!!! Lol!! I guess I haven’t looked at it to see if it has the sides that flip out, I’ll check it today! I got mine for $8 at a garage sale in September, here in Michigan. I’ll be covering next week, so this worked really good! I’m praying life goes along smoothly for you!

  5. I have 4 ironing boards ! Oldest one needs a new covering so that’s on the list today. The board was my Grandmothers, who I barely remember. It’s narrower in length and width than an average board. Also not as high. It works for regular ironing and that’s not often anymore.

    My “quilt” board has been made into a sewing board (18” wide). Mom cashed in her Green Stamps for it when I got married 1965.

    Then I have Mom’s board with legs removed. I’ve painted an American flag on one side & it hangs by my door all Summer. I’m going to have a Christmas gnome painted on the flip side. Already talked to an artist. Which leaves the last board belonging to the other Grandmother. No plans ….yet !

  6. You make this look so easy! Great job done, such a good feeling. Yes, Karl should approve. So wonderful that Karl is nearby and so faithfully looks out for y our best interests.

  7. You know we’re all going to be running to the thrift stores in search of the same ironing board. I saw a stack of ironing boards the other day but cruised on past because I didn’t need one. Well, now I HAVE to have a Rid-Jid. Can’t wait for the shop to open so I can check them out. The ironing board I received at my bridal shower 38 years ago is still sturdy as ever. New covers every couple of years keeps it looking like new. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself and still feeling well enough to get small jobs done.

  8. My ironing board may not be the exact same model, but it’s similar. I got it from my grandmother when she downsized her home a couple of decades ago. At one point, I was able to buy a fiberglass cover for it. No idea if the company is even still in business.

  9. I’m still using the ironing board I bought 60 years ago when we go married! It doesn’t have wings like yours but it is over sized which is handy when I need to iron a quilt top or backing. I think I’m going to make myself a new cover like yours!

  10. Wowee! I’ve never seen this type of board, what a great idea. I had one that had the open grid but not the wings or leg design. I will keep my eyes open for one for sure.
    CA Bobbie

  11. My ironing board is bigger than most of the new ones. Does not flare out but requires a homemade cover. I tip my board over and cut out the material for it by “tracing” around the board and then making a casing for the elastic, as you do. I love the size of the surface and my board is always up and 90 degrees to the sewing machines but set to their level (adjustable). By the way, my ironing board was a wedding gift to us from my sister in law and is now 67 years old. Very sturdy and irreplaceable, in my opinion.

  12. I made a new cover this year. But it needs a wash. I brought home a piece of red wool from the church and I’m going to lay it on the board first and then cover with the cover after washed. And if I can find my scotchguard spray, I will do that. Good job. Cute fabric.

  13. Wow. Treasure of an ironing board. Thinking I would like the same kind or similar I googled it. Did not find anything like it new out there and the preowned ones are some pricy.

  14. Looked these ironing boards up on the internet and nothing similar currently being made came up. The used ones are some pricy.

  15. Wow your ironing board is a very cool one! Great idea making it rectangular! Just a thought, but a suggestion to make an extra cover or two while the pattern is fresh in your mind. I am working on my ‘get-it-done’ list also so everything is done for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then sewing once the holiday countdown is over. Hope you and your family’s Christmas is a most Happy one.

  16. I love your new cover. I’ve never seen a sit down iron or one with wings but I love it. I went to a farmhouse auction when we were first married and got an ironing board for $1. I was so happy as we had little money and it’s a good sturdy one. Still use it!

  17. Great job. Love that grey dot fabric :-)

    God Bless Karl for making sure Mom stays as healthy as she can and doesn’t wear herself out ;-)

    Merry Christmas to you and the family.

  18. What a cool ironing board! It looks fantastic with the new cover. I’m glad to know your kids are keeping loving eyes on you just to be sure you don’t overdo…just as you would for them. I still use the ironing board my husband bought when he was in the service 48ish years ago. Sturdy & works great but I do envy you those wings!

  19. That is a cool ironing board! I’d never heard of them. I just Googled them and found an ad from 1952 available on Amazon for $6.50. More than you paid for the actual ironing board…AND a year older than me! LOL!!

  20. I’m so jealous!! I would love this ironing board! I even did a search online to see if I could find one, but all I found for sale was the ad.
    I’m glad you have this as I know it must make ironing much easier.
    Keeping you close in my heart as you soldier on thru the challenges life hands you. You are an inspiration!!

  21. I used to have metal alligator clips on coiled springs (3-4 of them) to tighten the ironing board cover on the underside, it was the only way to get the cover as taut as I wanted it. I just had to buy a new cover, which fit badly and didn’t come a drawstring to tighten the cover, and tried to find metal clips — not found anywhere. I did find a set by Dritz with metal clips and elastic that work just find, and would stretch to handle your board expansion. They were $11 on Amazon but cheaper at Walmart or Joann’s if you can find them.

  22. I have this very same ironing board. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Was a wedding gift (60 yrs ago!) from grandparents. He worked for the JR Clark co, who made them!! At first you could buy replacement covers, from Dayton’s, but not any more, of course. On the underside of the cover there were a couple strips of elastic, that went crosswise, with clips on each end. Clips like the ones used on children’s mittens to keep them from losing them!! Now have to make my own replacement covers.

  23. Merry Christmas. I love that board. I’ve had at least 4 ironing boards in the 39 1/2 years of marriage. I must have bought the flimsy ones. The ad made me laugh when it said it wouldn’t tear your hose!

  24. The ironing board that I have is also a RidGid, but it’s antique, would not use it for ironing as it is all wood, that’s why I display it on the wall. It has the original label, which is a kick to read. My have things changed…thank goodness.

  25. What a cool ironing board this is and a great price you paid for it! I love the cover you made for it. Hope you’re feeling a-okay this week. Merry Christmas to you.

  26. What a cool ironing board, I’ve never even heard of that model. My ironing board was a rescue from the dump a few months after we got married and it has bright orange legs, lol. I have a handy husband who made me a large board to cover it with when I use it to iron large pieces of fabric. So glad that Karl is keeping an eye on you during this difficult time, thank you Karl.

  27. I love your ironing board with the wings! I have looked and looked for a rectangular ironing board without success. You’d think someone would make one because quilters would snap it up.

  28. Success!! on finding the cover. Miracle did NOT come through. HOWEVER, ClarUSA in Berks county in PA sells on amazon. sold minus the pad 58.95. pads are 25 or if you buy both together, $88. you can pick your pattern too. Yes I could make my own, but i prefer to be sew on other stuff. :-D

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