New Foster Puppies: Blondie and Dagwood

Kalissa and I, along with her boys, went to the Amish on Saturday to do some shopping and to hit up the bakery. Kalissa and I are both foodies. We love all things food. Just as I was pulling into the grocery store, my phone rang. It was the coordinator at HEART Animal Rescue the dog rescue I work with.

She was calling to see how I felt about helping out with some new puppies that were coming in. I said sure and being I was close to their location, I offered to pick them up. After some back and forth, we decided that she would pick them up and drop them off at my house.

I asked what breed and how many. It was just two…phew. I still have Casesar here so I was hoping for one or two. Then the breed was a corgi, rat terrier, and heeler mix. Oh my. What on earth would that look like? In my mind, I was pretty sure these guys were going to be really ugly. Seriously, what kind of mix is that??

I went home and waited for the puppies to be delivered. I have to admit…I wasn’t really sure what to think about these puppies. Would they look like rat terriers, heelers, or corgis?

I’m happy to say…they are totally cute. They look like corgi/heeler cross…they definitely have corgi legs!! I couldn’t get them to hold still long enough to take a picture!!

I am terrible at names but when I saw them, I immediately thought if the girl is the blonde one, I would call her Blondie and call the boy Dagwood.

I told my kids that and they said, “Who is Dagwood?”. Oh my. I’ve failed as a mother. You all remember the comic strip Blondie and Dagwood…and there was a television show too.

The fun thing is that the girl pup, Blondie has perky ears and is very outgoing. Dagwook the black male is shyer and more mellow…I think they are much like the characters. I’m sure no one is going to keep those names so the names really don’t make a difference except they allow us to then be able to tell the dogs apart and keep their records straight.

After I got them it was bath time. Blondie was first and she screamed the entire time…Here she is getting her bath…

She screamed the entire time.

Here they are all wet…

Of course, once they are all wet, they will look at the camera together.

One of the hardest things with foster care is to take pictures of the dogs. Seriously, they will never do what I want them to do…that is except Caesar. He is totally photogenic.

My daughter Kalissa’s family came over to see the new puppies. The kids have been asking and asking when I would get some dogs in that they could play with. Recently I had Olive and Twiggy and both of them weren’t good with kids…then I had the rat pack and Slinky was good with kids but the others…not as much.

Blondie loved Carver. She was jumping and dancing and playing. It was so cute!!

Dagwood was more interested in some puppy snuggles. He’s much more mellow.

That all can easily change. It was their first few hours here and things were still pretty scary and strange.

So far everything is going great and I’m so happy to have some calmer puppies here. WHEW…but now I’m back to housetraining puppies again.

These guys will get their vet work done this week. Then they will be available for adoption. We don’t know a lot about them except:

They were an accidental litter. They are Corgi/Heeler/Rat Terrier mix. There is never a guarantee of what they will look like for sure as they age. Right now they are very Corgi-looking with those cute short legs. Blondie is the blonde one and she is a female. Dagwood is the black one and is a male. They were born on January 16th.

They will be fixed this week at the vet and will get their first round of shots as well as microchipped.

HEART is accepting applications for these guys…You can find the application HERE.

I’m guessing these guys will go quickly. At least that’s my hope. I have a bit of a full house.

10 thoughts on “New Foster Puppies: Blondie and Dagwood”

  1. Such cute puppies! My heart melts every time I read about your new intake of rescues. It’s a pity I live in the UK!

  2. Gosh – they are so darn cute! When you get a mix like that I always wonder how it came about ;-)
    Yeah, they’ll be gone soon! Maybe they’ll get adopted together!
    Love and prayers

  3. Yes you have a full house! The more the merrier I’m told. They are very cute puppies so I hope they go quickly for you.

  4. I read Blondie and Dagwood each day in the paper. That comic strip is still going strong. Your new pups are precious, they won’t last long at your house.

  5. These two are Sooo cute! We found 2 small puppies in a ditch years ago and named them Blondie and Dagwood. We kept them and they were great dogs.

  6. They are adorable!!! Hope they will be “easy” pups to have for a bit!! I always wish– every time I see your pictures–but at my age, it’s a bit much. I’ve just spent 6 days with my daughter and son-in-law’s Cavadoodle!!! She has worn me OUT!!! She’s about 9 months I think!!

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