New Foster Pup: Meet Jerry

Well, maybe I shouldn’t say foster pup…maybe more like a foster dog. He’s already four years old. I personally think that is a great time to adopt. Dogs are past the frisky, tear-through-the-house age. They are past the point of chewing on things. They are so much more predictable.

Jerry has been a long time coming. I think I first heard about him almost two weeks ago. I was on tap to get him but then the pickup time changed. Then it changed again. I was actually totally okay with that as he was supposed to come the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. He ended up coming the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. He was supposed to come with a Doodle of some sort but he ended up coming by himself.

He came in the evening so we quickly took a walk and I bathed him. By the time that was done, it was almost bedtime. He snuggled right into his kennel and went to sleep.

I don’t know a lot about Jerry but I’m quickly learning things. He’s a Corgi. His name is Jerry. I have taken to calling him Jear-Bear or Jear-Jear. We have a friend named Jerry and also Jasper’s other grandpa is named Jerry so we’re giving his nickname a little more fun.

Jerry’s first four years were spent at a breeding farm…He apparently wasn’t a great performer so the owner wanted him moved on. He spent years being a lady’s man but now he is ready to settle down and wants to be loved by one lady…or a gentleman, or possibly a family. No more tending to the ladies for him.

His breeding days are over as he went to the vet on Wednesday and that was all taken care of along with other vet work. He is good and ready to go. He is completely up to date.

So far I really like him. He wasn’t overly hormonal. He’s fine with being in the kennel. He does a good job on a leash. I didn’t know if those short little legs would be good for going on walks but he more than kept up with me walking him.

He’s a big guy weighing 31.5 pounds. When the coordinator dropped him off she was going to leave some preventative meds for Jerry and the box said they were for dogs up to 22 pounds…then she said, no we better not give them until he is weighed. After carrying him downstairs to get a bath, I was sure he would be closer to 30 pounds.

I haven’t had any Corgi experience besides the two puppies I had here. I’ve really never even touched an adult. I didn’t realize they could be so big.

Happily, Jerry doesn’t balk at being picked up. That’s a good thing as I have a utility sink in the basement and that’s where I bathe the dog at my house. He didn’t like a bath but finally settled down and was just fine by the time we were half finished with it. Then he refused to walk upstairs so I had to carry the 31.5-pound wet big boy back upstairs.

He has done fine with my dogs. In general, my girls don’t warm up to boy dogs too quickly but they are doing well with Jerry. They don’t romp and play but they have happily agreed to be friends.

Jerry does love a belly rub. If he even has the slightest inclining that you might give him one, over he flips and waits for one.

Jerry is hating his cone. I didn’t realize how hard cones are for Corgis. They are so low to the ground that the bottom edge hooks on the ground all of the time. Let’s just say this…he’s gonna need more practice. Sadly he’s a licker so the cone has to stay. I do take it off when we are outside and I have him on a leash as I’m constantly watching him and walking outside with the cone is virtually impossible.

As my son Buck would say, “He’s a good boy!”- only imagine that being said in a masculine baby voice.

So far the only thing I have seen that needs attention is that he is protective of food. He also needs someone who will be patient with him as he’s lived his life either outside or in a kennel. Everything about a house is new to him…remember the stairs. He had no idea what to do with them. It was the same with the vacuum cleaner too.

Jerry also is not housetrained. As of writing this, he has not had an accident in the house or in his kennel. But that is not a guaranteed thing. He’s still learning but I forsee that training shouldn’t be hard.

I had friends stop by (Hi Gaylen and Gloria), and he was really good with them and meeting them. He didn’t bark…he displayed all good behavior. If fact he acted better than my own dogs would have.

We walked over to Kalissa’s house to see how he’d be with the kids. He was good…I was very impressed. We ate…(Carver made egg bake and cake-THANKS Carver it was so good) the whole time Jerry just lay on the floor and didn’t pay a bit of attention to what was happening at the table. What a good boy!!

As I was leaving Kalissa snapped a picture of the two of us. He looks huge because he’s so long.

On the way home we passed some cats that hang out in town. Jerry completely walked all the way around them and purposely gave them room. He’s a good boy.

I am very impressed with Jerry so far. I really like him. It’s funny. When I first started fostering I was very into having puppies. The longer I do it, the more I appreciate these dogs that are past the puppy stage. I don’t know that I’d ever get a puppy for me to keep again…we’ll see. For now, I don’t have to worry about that. Two dogs are plenty.

I do know that if I was considering another dog, I might snap Jerry up. He’s so mellow.

If you’re looking for a Corgi who will steal your heart, Jerry just might be your guy. If you’re interested you can apply HERE. His adoption fee is $300.

I have another foster dog on the horizon…another male that isn’t a puppy…It’s funny how things go in streaks. For awhile it was all puppies…now it’s males over a year old.

18 thoughts on “New Foster Pup: Meet Jerry”

  1. What a sweetie! Jear Bear is adorable. I so appreciate people who foster. I might consider it, but my chihuahua mix thinks he should be the only dog on the planet.

  2. I love how you are fostering. My grandkids volunteer at their local animal shelter and they tell us some of the best stories – and some sad too.
    Thank you for fostering.
    Love and Prayers

  3. Judith Fairchild

    What a Sweetheart. Sounds ideal for an older single looking for company or a family. Hope he gets adopted soon.

  4. That’s one cute corgi! our last dogs have been adults – even seniors. So much easier than puppies for us. Do have to eventually deal with senior issues – but dogs do age.

  5. Have you ever tried one of the blow-up ‘cones’? They’re not nearly as big as those plastic cones but still do the job they’re intended to do. I think those from the vet are very encumbering and make it difficult to just take a drink.

  6. Susanne Scheurwater

    Fun to hear all about the foster “dogs” but what happened to the usual Friday Cross stitch update???

  7. What a good dog. He is big! Over 30 pounds is big for a small dog and yes, heavy. Every now and then I had to carry or lift my late dog and he was about 26 pounds. I am so glad you are fostering and enjoy it so much – lucky dogs!

  8. I have 2 corgi’s RJ who is 4 and Sugar who is 2. They are tricolor like Jerry. They are easily trained and want to please. I got mine when they were 8 weeks. We are seniors but they love other dogs and kids. I have had 3 corgi’s. Hope he is adopted soon.

  9. What a cutie pie! Corgis remind me of Queen Elizabeth and Tasha Tudor. We have a dog that is having to wear a cone right now. The one we use is smaller and is soft (like fabric with something inside the layers that makes it a little rigid). You put it on and off with Velcro closers. The cone itself is probably 6”. It’s big enough to get the job done but not as cumbersome as regular cones. Our dog that is wearing it is a large dog.

  10. I think being protective of food might be a Corgi thing. My daughter’s Corgi is the same way. That’s the only time he barks at the cats, as if they would even want his dog food! My daughter would love to adopt Jerry, but the Texas Gulf coast is a bit far from you.

  11. Gloria from CC

    We have never been around a Corgi and were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful, loving and well mannered Jear Bear is. If we didn’t already have two dogs, I would be very interested in adopting him. He has the most beautiful markings.

  12. If you cut up a pool noodle into sections and thread a shoelace through the pieces, it makes a great “cone” and very comfortable for the dog. Cones don’t allow drinking easily.

  13. Jerry is so adorable! My uncle had a Corgi and she was the best dog ever! She was very smart, easy to train and loved to go for walks or rides. If I lived closer I would definitely consider adopting him. I hope he gets adopted quickly.

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