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I’ve been taking care of Betsy quite a bit when Kalissa is at college and then goes from college to work.  It’s just too long for her to be in the kennel especially when I am here most of the day.  Although most of the time Betsy gets fed at home, occasionally she needs to get fed here.

To say that she had food issues would be putting things extremely mildly.  She is awful when it comes to food.  She tries to steal from Ruby.  She will not let Ruby eat.  She gulps her food down swallowing it whole and then ends up with the hiccups.  I have never seen anything like that and sadly, she’s been that way since they got her.  I finally had a talk with Kalissa explaining that this has to stop.  We need to figure out a way to make it stop.

I’ve worked with some behavioral things and I can see lots of improvement.  I’ve worked with Kalissa showing her some of the behavioral things and that has improved the aggression but Betsy still is just gulping her food whole.  After doing a little big of research I found this bowl Kyjen 2872 Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl, Large, Purple Flower.

The bowl is big about 10″ across.  It is almost like a maze and the dogs have to push the food forward to a larger opening in order to eat it.  So far, it  has been a huge help calming her down and getting her to eat without gulping.

I tried it out on Ruby and she seems to think it’s fun too.

I have to tell you that it might be easy to over feed with this as many people just “fill the bowl” regardless of the size of the bowl.  With this you need to measure out the food then scatter it in the bowl.  Scattering the food out also makes the challenge of eating it a bit harder.

Luckily Ruby doesn’t have any problems at all with food aggression or eating problems which I am so thankful.   I am keeping this bowl here at my house so that I have something to keep Ruby entertained a bit and I have it here if I need to feed Betsy.  All in all I really like the bowl and recommend it.

8 thoughts on “New Food Bowl”

  1. I have a beagle with a gulping problem too. I have to be in the room when the dogs get fed, or he will try and eat our other dog’s food. This bowl sounds like a good idea!

  2. I just bought a simpler version for my beagles. We call one of ours ‘the inhaler’! I love that she is actually tasting her food now!

  3. I need a bowl like this for my Sheltie!!! When we got him from the kennel, we were warned that he was the first at the lunch stop and the last to leave! He is not a grazer and we never tested him but I am sure that he would eat a full bowl if it was there! Next time we are in the city I’m going to look for a food bowl like this! Thanks for the tip!!

  4. I feed my dog by hand, one piece at a time and take my sweet time between pieces. I don’t know if it helps but it makes me feel better that she eats some meals SLOWLY. This bowl looks interesting.

  5. This is just the ticket for our Buster, a Llasa Apso. He gulps like a pig, then tries to “bully” his way into the other dogs’ bowls. We usually have to stay and monitor their suppertime so this doesn’t happen. Thanks for doing the research for us!!

  6. I though “Food Aggression” was just another term for “Labs.” It takes them less than 30 seconds to eat their food. No wonder Bruce has hiccups! I’ll be investigating these.

  7. Wow! We could have used that with our first beagle dog, Pfarfel. He was full grown when we got him (he was hit by a car and no one ever claimed him). We figured that he was used to living in a pack and had to scarf his food before the other dogs got it. He would inhale it so fast, choking and gagging as he went. Never could break him of it, even though he was an only dog.

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