New Discoveries

A few days ago I told you it was the anniversary date of us moving into the house….I have a little funny to share with you.

Earlier this week I was coming out of the upstairs bathroom.  I quickly turned and headed towards the quilting room.  There on the wall I saw something I had never seen before….A light switch.  Hm….

After living in the house for a year, I never noticed it before.  I flipped it on and WOW..The hallway light came on.  WHAT??  The hallway light came on.


That sure gave me a good laugh.  I can’t tell you how many times I walked down a very dark hall at night wishing I would have remembered to turn the hallway light on when I went into the sewing room so it would be on when I left.

I thought there was only a light switch way at the other end of the hall by the stairs.  Silly me.


I told Hubby and he thought I was goofy….He couldn’t figure out
1-how had I never seen the switch before
2-how I wouldn’t have just realized that would be a light at each end of a hallway that long

Well I didn’t…and I admit to being pretty unobservant.  I can tell you this….I am so excited about it-now that I’ve found it.

4 thoughts on “New Discoveries”

  1. Hopefully it is wired correctly. I have switches in my house, where if you turn it on at one end of the hallway, you can turn it off at the other end — but then you can’t always turn it back on from that end. Something is definitely wired wrong, but I am waiting until I have another wiring problem before calling an electrician.

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