New Books from C&T

I got my bunch of books to consider for review from C&T Publishing…

First up Bullseye Quilts from Vintage to Modern by Becky Goldsmith…all I can say is WOW.  I loved this book…but will I make them?  Not right now but I sure liked dreaming about them.

Check them out….aren’t them amazing?

This is very tempting for me.  I do like paper piecing and I’m not “scared” of curves.  I’m not in a putzy mood right now.  I have enough putz with the double wedding ring.  I feel the need to for some speedy chain piecing.

I really do like the book.  I did download it and maybe one day I’ll try one.  They are just so not the typical me..and once in a while, I like a little challenge.

Next up was FreeSpirit Block Party….

The cover says 40 quilt blocks, 5 samplers all done by 20 modern designers.   This book was not my style…that’s okay I can still appreciate looking and did.

I still haven’t went “to the modern size” and likely never will.  My brain does so much better with a pattern I can follow.

The book was nicely done…good pictures, easy to follow and understand….

The next book is Adventures in Paper Piecing and Design by Sarah Elizabeth Sharp.

This book is kind of a paper piecing meets modern quilts.  Here’s an ocean quilt from the book.  What do you think?

Here’s a double wedding ring.  This is paper pieced….

The book starts out explaining the process of designing and making your own paper piece inspired quilts.  The directions are concise and follow-able.  Then the latter part of the book shows the authors take on her own advice.  As a result there are patterns for several quilt including the two you see above.  If you have never paper pieced before, this paper piecing isn’t for a beginner…for a beginner to read but the paper piecing is not for anyone easily put off.

Next up is Paint by Number Quilts by Kerry Foster.  This is only a 30 page book.  The author tells the technique and then gives the patterns.  There is little fluff…but I don’t know that it’s needed as the even the cover totes that it is a “Instruction booklet with full sized patterns”.

The designs are interesting…

But again, as with the other books I reviewed today, I can’t imagine me doing anything that is so slow…

As I’ve written before, I most enjoy the PROCESS of quilting and I just don’t think this process is for me.  It’s too slow…and very detail oriented…But do I think they are beautiful…YES!

Although none of the books I had to review today are my “style”…I still appreciate the work of the author and the publishing company.  It seems often when I do reviews I end up buying a book or two.  This time zero.  That’s okay as last month, I bought a couple!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the new books as much as I did!

6 thoughts on “New Books from C&T”

  1. Do you have to give the books back? I thought perhaps they were complimentary for the reviewer……….. inquiring minds…

  2. Becky Goldsmith’s book looks great….
    A different take on the Judy Niemeyer quilts that I have done….I could see me doing one of her quilts.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    The last three are really yelling at me!!! But I really like modern quilts that give me lots of negative space to quilt fun stuff in! Thanks for the review, even when you didn’t care for them.

  4. Anxious to see what you think of the pattern. I need another book like I need a hole in my head but I must admit, this quilt does look intriguing. And, I do love Becky Goldsmith’s books.

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