New Bobbins for ME!

I was at our local thrift store and saw a bag of bobbins.  I wasn’t sure if I should get them as I didn’t know if they would fit my machine…then I remembered, our “collection” of sewing machines.  The bobbins were bound to fit one of the machines.  A $1.50 for a bag of pre-wound bobbins, how could I go wrong.

I tested them and they work in my machine.  I got all of these PLUS four that weren’t wound!  Great  deal right!!

Something else about the bobbins…the thread was almost “tied” to the bobbin…The threads weren’t hanging and getting tangled like mine usually do.  (I wasn’t going to show this picture because I  just re-potted a couple plants and my fingernails are awful but if I don’t show it, you’ll never understand what I’m talking about…so here it is)

My daughter Kayla was home and she said that she does something similar with her bobbins.  She winds the thread over her finger and around the bobbin…

Then she loops the end through the opening.

Then pull the thread.

To get the thread loose is no big deal.  Just run a needle under the caught thread and it comes loose.

I don’t know what’s more valuable, the tip from Kayla or the bobbins….

7 thoughts on “New Bobbins for ME!”

  1. Great tip!!! I just bought a bunch of bobbins since Kenmore is no longer seling theirs at Sears. I bought a bunch since they were cheaper than the jamone dealer. I wound 6 for a project the other day and Wow…so nice to have bobbins prewounded. I love your tip and willl be winding a bunch today. Thanks

  2. I suppose I could do this with spools of thread, too…no more long threads hanging about! I have never heard of this! Thank your daughter for me!

  3. A wonderful find! I really like the bobbin tip. I usually have to wind a zillion bobbins for machine quilting and usually just put one of those tiny ponytail holder things over it, you know the ones that come in a ton of different colors in one bag for little kids… Anyway, that works pretty good most of the time but sometimes I still have the end of the thread sticking out and unwinding, so I think I will try this! It would sure make my bobbin storage container look alot neater.

    BTW…don’t worry about the fingernails….I live on a farm and mine look like that MOST of the time. :) Have a grea day

  4. Great tip for bobbins! I use a similar tip for threading silk thread for applique. When the loop comes out of the Clover threader I push the needle through the loop which creates a knot at the bottom of the needle. This knot is so tiny it still goes through the fabric but stops the thread from slipping through the needle.

  5. Hey, Jo – this is not about the bobbins, but I’m looking for your version of Maverick Stars (or similar name) – I referenced you when I made my “Maverick Stars”, but I don’t find a “Search” ability on your blog, nor how to reach you directly via e-mail. These stars were totally scrappy, where the sashing make yet another star. The “search” words are there on your blog, but no “window” to type the Search terms. Can you help me?

  6. Hiya Jo! What good luck you’ve been having; the lucky star book, the tip, and the bobbins! I laughed with you about the fingernails because I potted up some Christmas cactus trimmings when I started the basil seeds and I looked like an auto mechanic.

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