New Auction Format Test Run

A guest post from Kayla…

Usually when I call or pick up a call from Mom I say “Why hello, Jo Kramer!” and she says “It’s Kayla Pins!”

One afternoon I called and asked how she was and she said she was absolutely awful. Dozens of things went through my mind but then she said she was overwhelmed with her blog auction. While I was grateful it wasn’t worse (I mean, it’s always something with this family!) I felt bad that she was struggling.

My role is to protect Mom from technology and I took this on as a new mission. She wants to keep her auctions on the blog so she doesn’t have to pay fees to Ebay and Etsy and is able to keep more for the charity quilt postage fund. That said, she doesn’t have access to those tools to automatically send invoices and handle payments.

I did a few things like making detailed bidding instructions and building a form for winners to request their items. Then I volunteered to “help her” and have a sample auction to test the new procedure.

This is a joke, of course. She is helping me by letting me clear some items from my inventory quickly instead of making individual listings for each.

I know that I don’t have the space for quilts or the expertise to be able to sell them to serious collectors, but I can’t resist them when I find them! This means I have a stockpile of beautiful things that I am paralyzed to sell. I love Mom’s blog readers. I can put up a quilt and tell you… I think this is a log cabin quilt. It is made from wool and velvet. Here are the measurements. And you can use your expertise to decide if it’s right for you. I’m afraid of selling high-value items on huge platforms like Ebay because I’m worried I will disappoint people by not having the right details.

So, on tomorrow morning’s auction, expect to see…

Antique and vintage quilts,

Small linen doilies that would work great for quilt labels,

Linens that would be great for project bags,

And embroidery samplers.

Earlier this summer when I shared my Etsy shop a reader mentioned she was using doilies as quilt labels. How cute is that?

Some of my mom’s favorite flosstubers love Deborah Harry’s project bags made from repurposed linens. They sell out immediately!

Stop back tomorrow morning. The blog post will not be automatically scheduled for first thing in the morning like Mom usually does because with the new format I have to publish the post and add comments to start bidding. The auction post will outline the new test format. In the meantime, you can check out the new guidelines page here.

I hope this works! Thanks for your help.

11 thoughts on “New Auction Format Test Run”

  1. Kayla, I just want to send “Hugs” to you for helping Mom! You do a wonderful job! I do have a suggestion, but with as smart as you are with this stuff, you’ve probably already thought of it!! My suggestion is ” put the auction guidelines into the tabs at the top of her page for easy, regular access”?!Your new plan sure looks good! I found it very easy to understand, and should streamline auctions nicely!

  2. I bid in the first auction, but I never heard anything so I assume I did not win the bidding. BUT if I did win, I owe you some money. Is there some place that lists the winning bidders and instructions for payment?

  3. Very nice instructions and I hope it makes it easier for Jo to run the auctions. Thank you for giving her some help with this. We do appreciate all of her children and there talents to be of assistance.

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