New at the House

Little has been done at the house as the weather hasn’t been cooperative.

The boys did do some work.  The floor is out of the upstairs bathroom…the ceiling is out of the kitchen ceiling.


So if we’re in the upstairs we can see down into the kitchen.


Look careful, you’ll see the kitchen cupboards.

Once the weather gets a little better we’ll be back in full swing trying to have everything ready to be demolished.  Party of me is so excited…part of me is scared to death.

For years and years we’ve lived in house that I couldn’t remodel as we didn’t own them.  I’ve complained thinking I would do this or that if we lived here.  Now there’s such a huge pressure wanting to do everything right-yet not in a over the budget way.

I keep working through that hoping we’re making good decisions.  As frustrating as it is that we can’t just jump in and get this over with, it’s comforting to know we have time to make what we feel are good decisions.

Anyone find me some kitchen cabinets yet??  I’d still prefer some nice vintage ones over new.

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