Never a Dull Moment

This post has icky pictures in it…read at your own caution.

I got a call from Kalissa early this morning.  She said, “Did you see the picture I just sent you?”  I said no..and then I looked.  ewww!!!

She said Carver had come downstairs that morning before she did..and then next thing she heard was Carver screaming.  She hustled downstairs to see a very bleeding Carver and this…he had bit his tongue.  The thought is that he jumped down the last couple steps of the staircase and fell, biting his tongue.

After a call to his doctor, they decided that he’d need to go in and be seen.  She brought Gannon to my house and brought Carver in to show me his tongue before she took him in.

It was icky.  His tongue flopped rather then stuck out.  I figured they would need to do stitches.

A short while later she messaged me and said, “Yes stitches.  They tried in the office but he wouldn’t hold still so he would need to be put out to get it done.”

The doctor had a booked morning and being it wasn’t an “emergency”, they were to go and kill time and come back at 11:30am when his schedule let up.

Kelli happened to be town for a nurses meeting so I messaged her and told her to go help entertain Carver.  A short while later I got this picture of Kelli and Carver at the park….

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that Kelli just rises to any occasion.  She’s great with him.  She’s always willing to drop her plans and do what needs to be done.

Shortly before noon I got a picture…

I knew it was bad but I didn’t realize it was so deep.  UGH.  YUK!  It gives me the shivers to just look at it.

They ended up giving him a little gas and that put him out.  Three stitches later he was back out again.

A bit later Kalissa sent this picture….ah.  MUCH BETTER.

Grandma was done worrying.

This boy…he’s a load of trouble but I sure do love him.  I am so glad that he’s okay.  I’m glad that he’s got a good mommy and a good aunty to help him when I can’t be there.

Let’s hope this is the last time he jumps off the steps.  They had been telling and telling him not to do it.  But…Carver will be Carver.

15 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment”

  1. Oh no. Poor Carver. But popsicles make everything better. Yes you have wonderful daughters. A true testament to you and Kramer’s parenting happy Carver is okay and grandma can stop worrying.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. It gave me the shivers too, to see this. I bet you were a nervous gramdma. Kids will some how do what they are told not to do, but maybe he won’t try that one again. Lets hope not

  3. If it ends in a popsicle it can’t be all bad. Some lessons we just have to learn on our own. And honestly, I totally thought I could fly off the back of the couch with my “cape”/towel after seeing Batman do it. Glad Carver’s going to be OK and that he has so many loving relatives to help him along the way.

  4. When my daughter was Carver’s age if she fell and got hurt I had to watch her carefully because she would go through the motions again. I’m guessing just to see how she did it the first time. At 45 she’s finally outgrown that need to relive the moment.

  5. Sherry Whalen

    Ouch! The same thing happened to our year old grand daughter about a month ago! It bleed a lot but they thought it would be okay. The next morning she really didn’t want to eat so our son ended up taking her to the doctor – she also ended up with 3 stitches. She’s all better already!

  6. My grandson just bit the side of his tongue a few days ago. In his defense, he literally did nothing to bring it on. He caught his foot on his other foot(maybe), or didn’t pick one foot up enough (maybe), idk actually and I was sitting inches away from him. Next thing I knew I heard the thunk of his chin hitting a window sill, and yep, blood everywhere in his mouth. Thankfully no stitches needed. I was way more chill raising my sons. Watching a grandbaby is nerve wracking! I could never do day care lol.

  7. I have five children (3 girls/2 boys), tons of cousins & nephews. Two of my girls were worse than any of the boys in my life. One of my girls bite tongue in a fall – caused white matter loss in her occipital region and her eye “fell” for months. She say double for years. Thank God her brain rerouted and it straightened out. I’ll take boys over girls …

  8. Doesn’t it make your heart ache when our loved ones are hurt? I am sure Carver won’t remember today like you and his mom will.

  9. Poor baby! My youngest did something similar when she was about Carvers age. She’s clumsy though( like her Mama) and she tripped and hit her face on the sidewalk, pushing her bottom teeth through her chin:( Daddy and I freaked out of course and took her to the hospital where she had to get stitches. Thankfully they were able to use the glue kind but she still has a scar- she’s six now and still keeps us on our toes! I hope Carver is feeling better and Mom and Grandma can relax!

  10. Oh Carver. I am almost 60 and I think they would have bad to put me to sleep to sew up my tongue (if it had been me)! Bless his heart. It is too much fun to skip steps going up or down! Or just sit on your bottom and “bump” down th e steps. We had 18 steps in our house growing up and had creative ways to go up and down. (Even sliding down the bannister.)Didn’t everyone? Thank goodness for your girls, once again!

  11. Donna Pheneger

    Poor little guy…you are so right – never a dull moment. So glad he is doing better.
    Love and prayers

  12. Carvers shenanigans just make me smile and recall a few incidents with my own son. I’m so glad he is okay and popsicles makes lots of boo boos better.

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