Neighborhood Action

If you look out our back door, we see into an alley and the neighbors back yard.  The neighbors diagonally to the right and across the alley bought the vacant lot next door to them a few years ago and have gradually been working on improvements.  At one point they had hoped to possibly fix the old shed on the lot but the wind got to it before they could.

On Saturday while I was up in the quilting room, I heard some noise, looked out and saw this…


Oh happy day!!  The shed was coming down.

It took about 15 minutes for it to all be in a pile.

I’m guessing that the next step will be to burn it but I don’t know for sure.

Before long, the equipment was loaded up and heading out.

He left this pile….

This was the view from my sewing room on the second floor of our house now that the shed it gone.


I guess, you can now say I have “river view” property….Sadly, in Waucoma, that doesn’t make your property any more valuable.  I can say that I love the new view!!

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  1. Wow, lets hope they don’t rebuild a shed in the same place. I bet it will be nice to watch the river as it changes during the seasons. Lucky you. What were you working on in the sewing room??

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