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The Nashville Needlework Market is being held this weekend. It’s a wholesale market for shop owners. It’s held the first weekend in March each year. Needlework designers go and vend there. It’s a cash-and-carry market so shop owners go and buy all the latest and greatest designs that are fresh off the press. Then bring them back to their shops and sell them to all of us.

All month long designers have been showing off the new designs and goodies that will be available at the market and I, like many cross stitchers, have been trying to keep up to date and see it all. It’s so fun.

I thought I would take this blog post and show you some of my favorite designs of the 2024 market. I don’t plan on buying all of these…and I am under no illusion that I could stitch them all. I’m just sharing eye candy…and trying to decide which of these might hop in my cart. HA!! Or possibly which I might host as a stitch-along.

I’m showing these in no particular order of preference…just ones that caught my eye.

From The Scarlett House is Stitcher’s Alphabet. So cute!! You can find the pattern HERE. I am leaning toward getting this one. I do think it might be good for a stitch along.

This is from Summer House Stitch Works. It’s called The Greatest of These #1 Faith. I’m wondering if these might end up being a series. I think it’s one I might wait to buy until the rest of the series comes out just on the off chance that they might be able to be stitched into one piece after they all are revealed. You can find it HERE.

Stacy Nash has a series she calls Animal Crackers. They are cute little creatures that I’ve always admired and thought I’d like to stitch. This year she came out with three new ones and they all are so stinking cute. I’ve always thought I wanted to stitch some. The rabbit on the right just might get me over the edge and actually buying a pattern. I’ve always been afraid to finish them so haven’t stitched them.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s time I get over that! HA!! It’s just too cute. I’d love to have a little bowl with several of them in it. Hmmm. You can find them HERE.

If you’ve been reading the blog you know I am a big Blackbird Design fan. There are two new charts out for market…YAHOO!! Both are tempting. Scroll down and you can find them HERE. The covers of Blackbird Designs projects always look grundy. I like them so much more stitched.

Annie Beez Folk Art had two tempting designs…They had this 12 days of Christmas stocking set. I’ve never stitched on black linen so these make me nervous but I just love them. You can find them HERE.

She also has this project, Many Mansions. You can find it HERE.

Feel free to chime in and tell me what you’d like to see me stitch…or have as a stitch along.

I liked this Patriotic Quaker…It’s from Primrose Cottage. I have three other “quakers” and haven’t stitched any of them yet. I probably shouldn’t buy this one until I stitch one of the others…I do love it though.

The designer for me that really hit it out of the ballpark was Teresa Kogut. She came out with the most designs and I like them all. It was hard for me to narrow down which of hers I liked the best. She has a book called Hello Spring…This has eight designs in it. I like the book but likely won’t buy it. I like some of the individual charts better.

This is Serenity. You can find it HERE. I love this a lot. I’m tempted to stitch the top part with the alphabet and make it into a drum.

I love this stitching one…called Needleworker’s Oath. You can find it HERE.

I think my favorite from her was And Good Saw. You can find it HERE.

Teresa Kogut also did a wool project. It’s simple but so cute. I snapped this picture from her floss tube. This might be a good project to do as a wool along. I’ll talk to Liz and see.

Teresa Kogut also came out with two cute punch needle projects. I don’t have pictures of those. If you want to see them, go check out her latest floss tube where she shows them off.

I am determined when I have a couple of days off next week, I am going to sit down and relearn how to punch needle. I mostly know but just need a good reminder.

Has anyone stitched on black? Oh, those stockings are cute. For now…I’ll stitch on my stuff but I am planning a trip to the Stitchery Nook on either Friday, March 8th, or Saturday, March 9th. They are having their open house then. I’ll be okay to casually around people then. I just can’t stand and talk with people for long periods of time as I’ll still be a little radioactive. If you see me, say hi. Just don’t hug me. HA!!

So readers…what are your favorites? Liz at the Stitchery Nook has a whole page dedicated to the new releases. I’ve been checking it out every few days. SO FUN!! Now I’m going to have to decide what to order…Hmm.

22 thoughts on “Needlework Market Picks”

  1. I like the Faith and like you would like to see if it is a series that can be on the same linen. I really like the linen that Kelli did on her ink circle project–the gingham. That will be so pretty. Hope you are doing well with your treatment. I have been following you for a long time. It has been a little over a year that I was diagnosed with follicular non-hopkins lymphoma and it is treatable but not cureable also. They will follow my blood to see when I will need treatment so following your treatment and your great spirit has given me good inspiration. I am thinking of you during your time in the hospital and hope it goes fast and you are not too bored.

  2. Black is brutal on the eyes – the one trick is to have a white on your lap which makes it easier to ‘see’ through the holes, and a bright, bright light –

      1. As others have said, a white cloth on your lamp helps – I used a pillowcase & then popped my work inside between stitching sessions. Also not just good lighting as usual but an extra one angled to shine across your work really highlights the weave. Black van be a stunning background but navy is a good alternative which is slightly easier to work with, in my opinion.

    1. I agree – black is hard on the eyes. I’ve hand quilted on black, and the bright light was essential. And that was true even in daylight.

  3. My favorite is A Stitchers Alphabet, although I have more projects than I can finish in at least 200 years. LOL Prayers and good wishes for your treatments.

  4. I, too, really like the the Stitcher’s Alphabet, especially the cute way it is mounted on the “board.” I also like the Patriotic Quaker. Thank you for sharing these stitching ideas.

  5. I hope things are going well in the hospital Jo. I’m impressed that you are still sending out posts. I love, love, LOVE Teresa Kogut’s things this year . Especially Serenity. A Stitcher’s Alphabet would be a fun stitch along. I also like the Quaker chart. I haven’t done a Quaker piece. I hope you are getting some stitching during your hospital stay. I bet you are looking forward to going home!

  6. I liked a lot of the designs, especially the “And God Saw” one, the Needleworker’s Oath(which I want to try to live by more), the Serenity one, and I loved the Patriotic Quaker one, I’m in Australia so it doesn’t have the meaning for me as for you, but I just love the colours and the design, so gorgeous. Actually I really like the “quilts of valour” quilts I see sometimes. Love the colours and the Stars and Stripes really does lend itself well to patchwork

  7. The Stitchers Alphabet for a stitch along; the two Blackbird Designs charts; Hello Spring; and the Christmas Stockings – despite what others have said about how difficult it is to work on black, I just really love them haha!

  8. I also like Faith – it’s small enough to hang in our little nooks and crannies of the RV.
    I’ve seen a lot of projects from Market – so many new things! It’s really hard to decide which to purchase!
    Love and prayers

  9. The Animal Crackers characters are tempting and brought to mind a vet chiropractor’s Youtube channel I found recently. It’s called “Animal Crackers”. So funny and clever!

  10. The adorable animal crackers are my favorites. If I cross stitched and if there was room in our house for one more thing they would soon be in our house.

  11. The first three you posted were all among my favorites when I looked at the new releases on the Stitchery Nook site. I also like the Patriotic Quaker pattern. Not too keen on the samplers as they all tend to look alike to me.
    I definitely vote for the Stitcher’s Alphabet as a stitch-along. It was your Red Bird stitch-along that got me cross-stitching again.
    Take care! Hope your treatment is going well.

  12. I’m so impressed that you’ve done all these posts to arrive when you are in the hospital. I’m anxious to see what you were able to do while you were captive! I love the Animal Crackers and I know you would figure out how to finish them! I also lie the Patriotic Quaker, Needleworkers Oath and Teresa Kogut’s and God saw. I’d also be interested in a wool alone if you offered one. It would be a nice change of pace.

  13. My absolute top pick is And God Saw and I’m trying to convince myself that it’s all I need from market. So many other great designs that I may wait and see about…Hello Spring, American Welcome from Plum Street, Thy Love More Strong, Cheerful Heart by Erica Michaels…I could go on! Hope you are feeling well and productive this weekend. Thanks for thinking of us with this fun post!

  14. Barbara Firesheets

    Love seeing the new designs! My favorites are:
    A Stitcher’s Alphabet
    Miss Hazel
    Patriotic Quaker

  15. Marlene Clausen

    Love, love, love the Animal Crackers!! I cross stitch but have always wanted to learn how to stitch on linen. These might be the shove I need.

  16. I love the 12 Days of Christmas stockings as well as the Little Animal Crackers! Prayers and hugs as you move into the next stage of your treatment journey!

  17. Judith Fairchild

    Oh dear, how hard it is to pick several pieces when they all are so very beautiful. I would want them all. And I don’t do this kind of stitching. Years ago I did one it took about 2years to get it done. I prefer my quilting and crocheting. I’m hoping my granddaughters learn embroidery so they can enjoy this kind of handwork.

  18. Kathy Henderson

    I just finished a large project on black linen. What worked really well for me was to have a light under the fabric pointing up. I stitch with a pillow on my lap, and I put a small tap light (I have one that is rechargeable with a USB charger) and would tap it on when I started stitching. It shined up through the holes and made it very easy to see where I needed to stitch. The holes seemed big as day. I could tap it on and off at will. As for the new releases – I like the Stitcher’s Alphabet for a possible SAL! :)

  19. Penelope Kraemer

    Love your enthusiasm throughout your cancer treatments ! I had to smile at your comment about being radioactive, I had that treatment for my thyroid the same week we were booked to attend a dinner party. The hospital staff told me I could go with my own dishes and glass, which I did after a phone call to our host. Of course I had to explain it to the other Rotarians much to my husbands amusement.

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