Need a Good Laugh??

It’s high school Homecoming in the town that Kelli works in.  As part of the fun, the people at work dress up for designated days.

It was nerd day today….

Yep.  That’s Kelli.

Her hat says something like…”If I won a $1,000,000 I’d spend it all farming until I was broke”.

I got a good laugh!!  I hope you do too.

8 thoughts on “Need a Good Laugh??”

  1. Great costume. I heard a great joke recently–“Do you know how to make a million dollars farming? Start out with 2 million!” I am a farm girl and know that it is a risky but very rewarding life.

  2. The outfit is hilarious all by itself, but her expression is the finishing touch!!! That scowl is perfect! How many times have I seen that scowl on the faces of my father’s farming buddies? I couldn’t begin to count!!!

  3. That is such an awesome idea to get the whole community involved with the dress-up day. I love the idea of spread the homecoming “mood” into the businesses! Very cool. Would you care to share where the town is that she works in? Other towns should follow by example!

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