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Earlier this week I told you about my fun packed Saturday…I ended my time with Kelli with a visit to the NE Iowa Guild Quilt Show.  Warning this post is VERY photo heavy.  If you don’t have speedy internet, please be patient.

We were welcomed by this wonderful quilt…it’s the guild raffle quilt.  WOW.  Impressive for sure!

We were also met by lots of welcoming ladies.  Kelli and I have often discussed joining the guild but to date have not.  They meet about away from my house.  I don’t want to drive back late in the evening.  They have day meetings too but for now, I’m working so, no guild for us.

They had a fun raffle bucket.  If you bought raffle tickets you put the tickets in the bucket for the item you most want to win.

There was a wonderful Quilt of Valor display.  Check out this ….

The quilting is AMAZING.  In the white of the flag is the Pledge of Alligance.  COOL right??  Check it out….

From there we drifted in to look at the quilts…
I have this pattern…not made of course.

I noted there were very few applique quilts…

Check out the quilting on this one….

There weren’t many modern quilts either….

Intense paper piecing on this one!!

I love the colors on the next one.

The quilting on this had me studying it.

Here’s a clower view.

Kelli liked this Santa one.

I liked it as well.

This one below is one I love but will likely never make…too much planning and planning equals patience and I have to save all my patience for the childcare kids.

This one Kelli and I both admired…lots of work went in this small quilt.

Check out the next picture to see the back of the quilt and the quilting.


There were small projects as well.

This one was intense.

Quilts ranged from hard to easier…

Guesses on this pattern….

Yep…Allietare from Bonnie Hunter.

I love barn raisings.

AHHHH!!  We found the quilt we bought the kits for.  Darn I want to do this.  Maybe over Christmas break.  I have a couple days off then.

This was my favorite of the show.  I don’t need fancy.  I prefer wonderful color selection over design.

It’s a simple quilt but simple is okay if the colors are there to draw me in.  Forest Mills Quilt Shop was vending at the show and I believe they have the exact kit for sale.  Check out their information here on line if you’re interested.  I was tempted but resisted.  I’m still on my fabric diet.

There was a lot of variety in the quilts…here’s a row quilt.

A simple half square triangle quilt…this one I love.  Simple gets me.

…a Quilt of Valor.

Batiks…see?  Lots of variety.

I could see me making this one….

Fun with the leaves around the outside.

Anything star gets me.

This was Kelli’s favorite of the show.  We both loved it.

I had to mention this one as the maker mentioned me!!

I taught a crumb class to the guild and she used her blocks for this border.  How fun.  I’m honored.

This one caught my eye too.

This was so fun.  A tumbler eye spy.  LOVE!!

We were given ballets to vote.  Kelli and I didn’t know what to vote for.  Some had cool quilting…others were fun like the one above.  Some were SUPER difficult.  We decided to vote for the one we’d most likely vote for.  How would you have voted??

We had a fun time and want to make plans to attend the next show.  These ladies do really great work!!

11 thoughts on “NE Iowa Quilt Guild Quilt Show”

  1. Thanks for the eye candy! Really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful quilts! It is hard to vote just too many to choose from!

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I love the first one you showed, the raffle quilt. Loved them all. These quilters are almost taking the fun away from entering. Too much good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! I can’t remember ever seeing that much variety at a quilt show. It was absolutely awesome. Thanks for all the pictures and descriptions.

  4. Great pictures. I love going to local quilt shows. I would have a problem voting for just one quilt since i saw several i like. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The guild put on a lovely show with lots of varieties, wow! It would be hard to decide. I always vote for the one I would love to take home with me, makes it easier. Thanks for the share.

  6. WOW, what a range of quilts. I love going to local quilt shows. There were many quilts that I would like to own or attempt to make. I don’t usually vote for any quilts, I have too many that I like. Thanks for the quilt show.

  7. Thank you for all the pictures of the quilts. I so enjoyed looking at them. The 5th picture down I believe is the one you said you have the pattern to, the one with the purple border and all the strips. It is just beautiful. Could you tell us the name of the pattern? I would sure like to make it. Thanks for all you do, Jo. Cute picture of Kelly with the cow quilt!

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