National Quilting Day Quilt A Long

Judy over at Patchwork Times is hosting a National Quilting Day Quilt a Long (pop on over there and check out the design).  The quilt has stars and chain blocks…oh, you can’t miss with those combinations.  My fabrics are gathered and I am eagerly awaiting the instructions.


I honestly don’t have time to do this…things here have been hectic with trips to the doctor since my hubby’s accident with his and spring break…not to mention all the other incidental things that keep taking up my time…BUT…when Judy designs a pattern, it’s time to sew.  I have done several of her quilts and they are always so simple, yet have a more complicated look.  I am sure I won’t be able to keep up, but I’m going to give it a try.

These fabrics were all in my cupboard.  In fact, two of the fabrics fell out when I opened the cupboard door.  I took it as a clue that those fabrics wanted to be in the quilt.   My background fabric is pretty busy…I don’t have enough of it but, I’m just going to substitute a different busy fabric in one part of the quilt for the background….Let the cutting begin!

4 thoughts on “National Quilting Day Quilt A Long”

  1. I will be joining the quilt along alos. I love Judy and her quilts. I know I won’t get to keep up since my husband is off three days a week and it really cuts into my sewing time. Not complaining, I’m glad to spend the time with him, just stating a fact.
    I will be using similar colors as your choices. :)

  2. Love your fabric selections, especially the cheddar. I’m like you have way too much going on but going to take on Judy’s “Making Ends Meet” project too. Sandi

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