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Coming up on the first weekend of March, Nashville Needlework Market will be held.  The show is a wholesale for needlework shops and people in the cross-stitch industry.  It’s a cash-and-carry market meaning that shop owners go there, buy what they want to have in their shop pay for it, and take it home with them.  This is great in so many ways.  Designers meet the owners of the shops.  There is less postage costs involved.  Owners get the product right away.  It exposes new designers to shop owners.

Anyway, a lot of hype is happening now as designers are releasing their designs that will be featured at the market.  They send out previews so shops can show that to their customers and then customers can order.  This is such a help to shops so they know what to buy when they get to market.  Can you imagine being a shop owner and just having to guess what will be the popular item then putting all of your money into that item just for it to be a flop?  It’s so helpful to shop owners if you put orders in ahead of their going to market.  Most shops have some way to preorder.

Kelli and I have both been looking at new releases.  First off…I want to say that there are three patterns that I already have that I got privately that are now released to everyone.  Here they are…

This is a Teresa Kogut pattern called Remember me.  I got it as part of her Patreon group.  I don’t regularly belong to her group.  I just saw that this pattern came out.  I liked it and joined for one month to get it.  This is something I really want to stitch but I’m not yet as I want to finish Come to the Garden first.  I do plan to start this year…or maybe next spring.  I plan to start to kit it.  This is now available at market.

A couple of months ago this was …
an exclusive for Dying to Stitch.  I bought it then.  It’s now released to everyone.

This one was also an exclusive for Dying to Stitch and is not a market release.  This one I thought about doing as a stitch-along.  Is anyone interested??  We could all learn to make a drum togeher.

Here are some other ones that have caught my eye.  I haven’t bought any of them but I’m guessing one or two will jump into my cart.

I love this one.  It’s from Annie Beez Folk Art.  It’s called Bloomin’ Bunnies Trio.  Annie is sweet.  She hangs with her daughters like I hang with mine.  She too lost her husband in recent years.  Check out her Youtube channel if you want some laughs.  She did a market release video and showed all of her pieces.  This was my favorite.

It would be awesome if she did something like this for Thanksgiving too!!  These would also be great for a stitch along…maybe next year though.

Jeannette Douglas has this cute bunny pattern coming out.  Also cute for a stitch-along.  I don’t have many Easter or spring things.  I like these and the precious ones as they are more spring-like tan Easter.

I liked this one from Teresa Kogut called Needle and Flax.  It’s a stitching-themed little piece that’s super cute.  I’d be game to do this as a stitch along too.

This one Spring Awakens by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread is my must-buy.  It’s incredibly cute and I love the little bees.  Again, I have very few spring things.

This is another that for sure is going in my cart.  Again it’s by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.  This is My Home Sweet Home.  This one is a series.  I did the Fall version.  I have the Winter version.  This one is perfect for the rest of the year.  I have a box that looks like a book that these go on.  This one is on my do it before summer list.  We’ll see if that actually happens.  At least that’s my plan.

This is a Heart and Hand new release.  Many people are decorating with bees and sunflowers after the 4th of July but before fall.  This little piece would be perfect.
Heart and Hand had a few others I liked.

Cuckoo Bird Sampler is a companion to the Red Bird Sampler we did as a stitch along last summer.
I liked Floral Etchings.

I liked Every Day Things too.  This would be a great one for me to have out during the Spring to Fall season.  This would be fun as a stitch-along also.

As I am writing this, there are other designers who haven’t put their new releases out yet.  Blackbird Designs is one of them.  They don’t release their stuff until the day of market so there aren’t pre-orders for them.  There are other designers that don’t attend market but still release some new designs at the same time as market.  Scarlett House is one of them.  Here are two of her four designs that I liked.

These designs won’t be listed as market releases from your shops but will soon be available from shops regardless.  This one she designed for her grandmother that always had a hankie in her pocket.  Doesn’t the design look like a handkerchief??  So cute.

I like this Adam and Eve sampler as well.

I like this Stacy Nash pattern with the chickens.  I had chickens at the farm.  After dogs, chickens are my next favorite in the animal world.  I just love them and I love this realistic version of them.  The border on this is so cute too.  I’ve wanted some things that aren’t seasonal and this would be perfect!!

The next picture came from the Fans of Blackbird Designs Facebook page.  This is a Blackbird Designs piece that will be in the Nashville Needlework Recipe book.  It’s a book that has a mix of recipes and cross stitch charts.  I got one last year and really enjoyed it.  I stitched the Blackbird Designs piece that was in there…I hope to get this year’s book and stitch this one too.

High on Kelli’s list is this Jesus Loves me from Plum Street.  She wants to stitch it on a darker linen and make the church white.

High on my list is this Lord’s Prayer from Lila’s Studio.  I just LOVE IT!!  This is a for sure buy for me.  It’s a for-sure stitch for me too.  I just absolutely love this!!

Of all of the designs Quilting ABCs by Erica Michaels is the MUST-have for both Kelli and me.  We are both SUPER excited about this one.  I think I want to do it as a stitch-along.  It’s going to be a five-part series and I’m guessing that’s going to make it kind of expensive to stitch.  Part one is $15.50.  I’m guessing the rest of the parts will probably be the same price.  I’m talking to Liz to see if we can put something together as a stitch-along for this.  She said she would talk to the designer when she goes to market and get some more details to see how the series will be released so she will know how we can offer it as a stitch-along.

Enlarge the picture if you can.  I did.  There is a quilt block for each letter of the alphabet.  If you are a quilter you are sure to love this.  I can see stitching some of these individually as ornaments too.  I think it would be so cute to stitch the “B” one that says Brave with the quilt block and give it to a friend who is going through cancer.

You could just take the quilt blocks only and stitch several of them in a row…how cute would it be to stitch the letters and quilt blocks for a family last name.  Oh, there are so many possibilities with this.  Can you tell I’m excited about this one??

If you want to see a big bunch more market releases or if you want to pre-order anything, please go to the Stitchery Nook’s new website.  You can find it HERE.  Liz made a whole new page that is just for market pre-orders.  I’ve been going there once a day or so just to see if new things are up.  It’s so exciting if you’re a cross-stitcher!!

Please note if you pre-order, that means you will get these items in about a week or so after market is over.  It takes the gals a couple of days to sort everything out after market and get it in the mail to you.  If you wait and don’t preorder, then there is no guarantee the shop will have the pattern in stock.

I’m going to try to be really good and limit myself to only four new charts.  I’ve been trying hard to be good and resist spending.  I don’t want to be radical and not buy anything but I don’t want to jump overboard either.  A happy medium of four charts is my goal…Hmm.

So readers, have you been watching market releases?  Is there something you want to stitch?  Is there something you would like to do as a stitch-along?  Please let me know.  I’ll collect the information and take it all into consideration.  If you’re thinking you might join in the Quilting ABCs, please leave a comment.  It’s not a firm commitment just enough to let us know it’s worth looking into to make it a stitch-along.

27 thoughts on “Nashville Needlework Market Picks”

  1. I was going to ask if we should order new releases from the Stitchery Nook. I don’t have a local crosstitch store and would love to support them. I have some of the same ones picked out as you did lol

  2. Hi joyce, i love the patterns you shared. I wasn’t going to preorder but had to get the Annie Beez designs. So cute! I have been looking for your cinnamon roll recipe because i want to make the pepperoni rolls. I think my family would love them. Please tell me where to look, thanks

    1. Lorene, use the Search Box (located in the right-hand column). Type in Pepperoni Rolls and it will take you to the Pepperoni Rolls and the Cinnamon Rolls. ( I tried Cinnamon Rolls first and it took me to a fried version.)

  3. Thank you for the great cross-stitch patterns being released. I just preordered “Quilting A-Bee-Cs”. Like you said- a very great idea is to spell out names with the cross-stitch.
    When you can please let me know of the guidelines for a stitch along.
    Love reading about your family and fur babies :)

    1. I don’t know about a stitch-along yet. We have a few in the works right now. Liz was going to talk to the designer to see how the patterns are being released as it’s a five-part series. How the patterns are being released will depend on how the stith along is formated.

  4. Susanne Scheurwater

    I think I would love to do that quilt alphabet one. Anxious to hear if you will do it as a stichalong. Enjoyed your post. I’ve been watching releases too but trying to narrow it down so my cc doesn’t explode!!!

  5. Let us know about the A-Bee-C’s when she gets back with you. I would be interested in a SAL. I also like the Everyday Things and the Stacy Nash Chickens as a SAL. I will check out the Stitchery Nook’s website.
    Thanks for the tour! Love your suggestions.

  6. Hi Jo. I just preordered Quilting ABCs Part 1 from The Stitchery Nook and would love to participate in a stitch along. I hadn’t seen it until you mentioned it and I fell in love. I am a quilter as well as a cross stitcher. I stitch primarily on aida (old eyes) and so I am hoping there’s no over one stitching in it. Does anyone know about that?
    I also preordered A Honey of a Tiny Town. I have all of the tiny towns and have already stitched 2 of them. My goal is to stitch them all and display them seasonally.

  7. I don’t cross stitch, but I did love the hanky design. I enjoy reading the blog posts about your stitching, keep them coming.

  8. Loved the charts you showcased Jo. I would be up for doing any of them as a stitch along. I have already preordered Every Opening Bloom. Love it. Heading over to The Stitchery Nook to check out a few more, especially the ABC one.

  9. Hi Jo,
    I’ve been following you for a while, and, as a fellow widow and cancer survivor, you are an inspiration to me. I’m very interested in the Quilting ABCs project/quilt along.


  10. Oh, Jo, now I have to go check out Stitchery Nook for their pre-releases! Have been looking at the Attic listings and found 2 already – The Humble Sampler harriett turner 1868 by Mojo Stitches and also Acorn Manor by Fox and Rabbit (love their floss tubes)! They couldn’t get to market this year so prereleased already and found these at the Black Cat Stitchery. Also love Spring Quail by Blue Flower (would make great SAL!) and Floral Etchings by Hand in Heart!

  11. I have been following the market releases. So many great charts this year!! I love the chickens, and I don’t go for anything with chickens on it!

  12. Sandra Bogoniewski

    I just ordered the Quilting ABCs, the Jesus Loves Me chart, and two others! Would love to do the stitch along with the ABCs. Recently I saw a plaque in the home of a friend, and I might try to rework the Jesus Love Me chart to match it – it said “Jesus Knows Me, This I Love”. Can’t get any better than that!

  13. Sandra J Bogoniewski

    I just ordered the Quilting ABCs, the Jesus Loves Me chart, and two others! Would love to do the stitch along with the ABCs. Recently I saw a plaque in the home of a friend, and I might try to rework the Jesus Love Me chart to match it – it said “Jesus Knows Me, This I Love”. Can’t get any better than that!

  14. I’d love to do the Erica Michaels ABC SAL and the drum finish too!!! I’ve had my eye on Primrose Cottage‘s new stitching design.

  15. I know this may sound dumb but I was looking at the new releases and I am interested in the spring chicken. It says it is a pinkeep. Is that like saying it is a pin cushion or does it mean something else.

    Thanks for your imput.

  16. I really like several of the charts that you’ve highlighted…just have to decide how many I really need?!? Have you seen “Snip Snip” by October House Fiber Arts? Love that one too – it might be a good SAL. Their “Americana Red” sampler is on my maybe list also. So many options…so little time… :-)

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