Narragansett Blues Finished

In my march to get the quilt tops under control at my house I have finish….Narragansett Blues.

I had finished the top back in October last year.  I had the backing already put together.   All I needed to do was quilt and bind it.

I’m not sure, but this one might end up being a wedding quilt.  (Remember I have all those weddings this year?)


I was a little worried we wouldn’t be able to get good pictures as it was a little windy.  Also, Ruby was off leash.  At the farm that wasn’t a problem but here in town, all the temptations for her to run off are that much closer.  There is a squirrel family of about eight that live across the alley.  I was hoping none of them were out.


I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I do love all things scrappy.


This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  It’s from her More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.  She has autographed copies of the book available in her store.


Typically quilts look better in person than in photos, but this one I like better in photos.  It’s easier to see the barn raising pattern.

It was fun to make and fun to quilt.  Anytime my hands are digging through the scrap bins to make quilts, I’m happy.

Thanks for another great quilt pattern Bonnie!  Keep stopping back.  My hope is to show you a new finished quilt for several days in a row.  Remember the day Wonky Wishes shows up it will be a free pattern giveaway day.

P.S.  After all the time working on this quilt…I can finally spell Narragansett.

15 thoughts on “Narragansett Blues Finished”

  1. Jo, that turned out so nice. Another Bonnie quilt that I have to do!! At this rate you are going to run out of things to do!

  2. What a gorgeous quilt and it would be a wonderful wedding gift. I just love seeing all the finished quilts the past few weeks, keep them coming. Hope you are feeling well and that the spring season has arrived in Iowa.

  3. I love it. This would be a perfect wedding quilt, it’s the sort of quilt that helps a place go from ‘house’ to ‘home’ in a heartbeat.

  4. I have all the pieces and parts for this one ready to make into a quilt top. . .maybe this summer. Less than a month of school days for me. . .YAHOOOOOOO! Summer Sewfest is on the schedule!

  5. Stephani in N.Tx

    Love this quilt, pronouncing it is my test. I think I finally have it. Your version is beautiful. Glad to see you are able to keep at your quilting.

  6. It turned out beautiful. I really like the backing choice you made. I agree with Robby,
    it’s the type of quilt that makes a house a home. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Elizabeth McDonald

    Jo, the “N” quilt is gorgeous! (Nope, I have not been practicing the spelling of the title.)
    Somehow, quilts that are made with scraps, or a wide variety of fabrics, appeal more to me; there is something so comforting about a scrap quilt that is put together, piece by piece, harmoniously!

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