Mystery of the Quilt Pieces Solved

You might remember earlier this week that I wrote a blog post about finding quilt pieces but not knowing what they were for….well wonder no more.  I figured it out and now everything is labeled.

There were LOTS of 2″ squares sewn into 3 unit segments.  These are for the border of Cheddar Bow Ties.  I may have the border pieces done but I have LOTS of bow ties that need to be sewn.  I do have all of the cheddar cut..not all of the ties.  I have 130 of the 729 finished.  Wow..that’s lots of ties that I still need.


I have lots of four patches.  Some were from Narragansett Blues.  This is now packaged and entirely ready to be sewn into a quilt top.

There were MANY more 4 patches and I figured out they were intended for Four Patch X.  I have 225 of the 360 needed for the quilt.  I am making mine a row and column larger than the original quilt.  I do have lots of twosies sewn together so I’ll keep sewing on them and make the rest of the 4 patches as my leader and ender project.  I need to purchase some yellow for the background.

I had more 3 pieced units sewn together.  I saw a note on the paper that was keeping my tally that said nines.  I am sure that this is the quilt I had intended to start.  Right now I only have 115 or the 783 segments needed but if I wanted it wouldn’t take long to whip up the rest.  I already have a whole bin of 2″ strips just waiting for attention.

Can you believe I also started Santa Fe String Star?  I have 75 of the 200 string pieced diamonds done.  I have papers ready to sew the rest as well as a pile of finished ones that need their papers pulled off of.  This week over a couple days I managed to get the pieces for the flying geese border cut out.  I need to figure out what I am going to use for the red back ground.

WOW.  Can you believe I started ALL OF THESE last year over a few weeks time?  I can’t.  What was I thinking?…apparently I was thinking I wanted to make LOTS of Bonnie Hunter quilts and attack my scraps.

There isn’t a one that I am sad I started.  I like them all.

I still need to finish up Garden Party…and remember I just started Wild Child?  Looks like I have lots of Bonnie quilts in my future…Oh, and then the newest issue of Quiltmaker came…and what does it have?  Yet another Bonnie Hunter quilt I would to make.


Ah….that’s the life a gal who loves scrap quilts.  I might as well give in and go with it rather than fight it.

By the way…come next week I think I’ll start hosting a “finish a Bonnie Hunter quilt” challenge.  I’ve done it the last two years.  Readers just pick a Bonnie Hunter UFO or new project and try to finish it up before the start of the new mystery.  That gives us about six weeks to work on the quilt to try to finish it.  If you want to join us, start checking out your UFOs and see which one you might want to try to finish.

You can see I have several to choose from…and I actually have a few more too.  See you here next week and we’ll kick off the challenge.

7 thoughts on “Mystery of the Quilt Pieces Solved”

  1. This comment belongs on an earlier post but I hope you’ll see it. I really liked what you wrote about your hubby. Having read your blog for a year or more I think you said much of what you wrote in the ways you described what your hubby did for you, your home, and family and even the child care kiddies. It’s obvious you make a good team and work for what’s important. Thank you for sharing your life and your qults with us. When other bloggers have asked how often I want to hear from them, I often say that I am fine if I only hear once a week or once a month or just write when you have something of value to share. I have to say that if a week went by and I didn’t hear from you, I would be very worried. I am amazed at how much you are able to do in a day – just keep doing it as you are an inspiration!

  2. Jo, I love all of your Bonnie Hunter quilts you have started. You are such an inspiration! I’ve adopted your method of sewing in bits and pieces as I am able to and it is amazing how much a person can get done (or at least started). I also have many, many started projects that need to be finished up.

  3. I was literally LOL when I read, “finish a Bonnie Hunter quilt challenge”. Can’t imagine how that idea came to you! But I can’t wait to see the results.

  4. jo, I think that i’ll do a finish up a jo and kelli quilt instead lol. I have a number of yours I would like to see as completed quilts. its going to get cold soon enough

    love your blog!!!!


  5. Bonnie Baker Lippincott

    I love Bonnie Hunter quilts and have her books. I’ve made a few. I had to laugh, the sidebar ads on your blog are funny. Advertised there is an Amazon post for Adventures with Leaders and Enders . . . the prices are for “used” books and range from $419.00 to $649.00!! (plus tax and shipping) If anyone is actually thinking of paying that price for a Bonnie Hunter book they should just send that amount to Bonnie herself. She would be happy to autograph it and ship it for free!

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