Mystery Morning

I was up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  It was after midnight so I’ll confess…I hoped over to Quiltville to see if Bonnie Hunter had the first mystery clue up.  She didn’t.  Back to sleep for me.

I have the day off today but sadly, I accidentaly set my alarm for 5:30 so when it went off I laid there a minute thinking I’d go back to sleep but then my mind started processing the day.  IT’S MYSTERY DAY!!  What am I doing in bed.  So off I went and yes, the mystery was posted.

I was ready to cut fabric…My neutral bin needed some help and I needed neutrals so it’s time to accomplish a couple tasks at once.

If it was small I pulled it.  I have no idea why these top pieces haven’t been pulled and sliced up a long time ago.  Typically I don’t keep anything smaller than a fat quarter.  They got chopped.  Anything dated got chopped.  Anything that I could sneak in a use up that wasn’t my favorite and could hide in a scrappy quilt got chopped.


I’m just getting started.  I have one pile for me…one for Kelli and one for the scrap bin.  My 2″ bucket is REALLY empty.  I’ve made so many quilts from the bucket lately but haven’t been restocking.  It’s time.  I’ve found that 2″ strips are the ones I use the most.


I’m off to keep cutting.  I have lots more to chop up yet.  It’s going to feel good to have a couple tasks accomplished all at the same time.

Are you mysterying?  I’d hate to miss it!

7 thoughts on “Mystery Morning”

  1. I was up at 340am and had to leave the house before the clue came out. Working a long day at the hospital so not sure how much I can get done when I get home. At least I spent the time ironing all the fabrics before I left for work.

  2. Catholic Bibliophagist

    No, I’m not sewing this one. But I will follow its progress with great interest. I just can’t start a new project right now. And it’s very rare that I say that!

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