Mystery and String Challenge

I’m hooking up with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt link up today.  Welcome if you’re new here and the link up brought you.

I had a busy week…My evenings were filled and not much sewing got done around here.  That’s okay.  Life and the people in my life take priority over quilting any day.  I did get clue #2 done and moved on to clue #3.

Friday when my childcare kids were sleeping over nap time I was able to cut clue #3 out.  I’m a flip corner girl so cutting was super easy.


I got a little bit of sewing done on Saturday….not much but enough that I had one of the units sewn but not cut.  Sunday Hubby said, “Hey let’s go up to the farm store and finish Christmas shopping”.  Yep, we’re classy like that.  As a young kid we had a farm store Christmas and it was always good for me.  I threw the pieces I had sewn in the truck and off we went.  Hubby drove and I clipped away.


Back home I got busy sewing the other unit.

All of them are now sewn.  I’ll trim and press at nap time in the upcoming week.  It’s the perfect nap time thing to do.


In other news…this is on the quilt frame and that’s as far as I have it done.  UGH.  This is a wedding quilt for Saturday.  Hubby has a fireman’s meeting tonight so this is FRONT AND CENTER for me!  It’s go time if this is going to get finished!!


…and I worked on my String Challenge project.  If you’re visiting, let me explain.  I started a String Fling Challenge for myself and invited others to join.  Here’s the scoop.I’ve made all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book except FOUR of the quilts.  I want to make the last four quilts before her new book comes out.  All of the last four are in a various stages but as of now and the writing of this post, all of them are started as last week I cut out Tulip Fields.


I’m excited about this one.  It’s going to be done in batiks….the warm gold for sashing and the warm red for the corner stones and tulip points.  This one is has the note in the box for reference when I open it up…


…and a lid is on.  All I need is time…..

as you all know, that’s the hard thing to find right now.

I did send out a challenge to see if anyone else wanted to join me in challenging yourself to get something off your to do list before the next Bonnie Hunter book comes out.  Some people said yes…some said after the mystery.  Well, I’ll be here doing this every Monday until the new book comes out so stop back and check it all out.

Here’s a link to the original String Fling Challenge….and here a link to all the quilts I have already finished from the String Fling book.

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