Mystery and String Challenge

This is typically the title of my morning post but being it’s New Year’s today I did a little “Happy New Year’s” post this morning and am sliding my “What I’m Working On” post into this evening’s slot.

If you’re been following the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter you know that the clues are coming to a close.   Friday was my “me day”.   I went to the dentist and got a crown put on a tooth, to get a mammogram and then for my annual physical.

When I got home I was chomping at the bit to get some mystery sewing done….I got the pieces cut but that’s about it.


Saturday I was up and SEWING!!  mystery-on-ringo-lake-1

Once the Friday clue was done I moved right on to the Saturday clue.


I sewed ALL of it at the machine at once.  I figured it one of the kids called on the phone or if I got finished and was making supper downstairs, these guys could be with me and I could iron in between.


About then the phone did ring and it was one of the kids so the ironing commenced.


I ended up staying at the iron and was THRILLED when I was caught up for the day….


At that point I sent a picture to Connie and Kelli with my guess at what the block might look like.  Close…right???ut it wasn’t to be.


The pieces were all toted up waiting for the next clue which happened yesterday morning….


It was time to make blocks!!  I was up and at the sewing machine right away.  I knew some of the kids have planned on being home and I wanted to be able to keep up with the clues if I could….So by 9:30am I have half done and more started.  The kids showed up and hung out for a bit.  Then I was back to sewing.

By 4pm the blocks were finished and I was eager for another clue…but, I knew I’d have to wait.


The kids are coming home today so I needed to prep some food and do a little tidying around the house.

As of the moment I’m writing this…7:37pm, I’m ready for it all…kids and clues.  I have to admit to loving the rapid fire clues!!!

…and for my string quilt challenge.  I didn’t get much done on string projects this week.  I did do some leader and ender strings for my Pineapple Crazy quilt in between other projects.  I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to sew on them so purposely picked them as the string project.

The centers were done on these…I only got to the white parts.  Not finished…not a lot but some is always better than none.


I’ll be back here next week with my mystery and string challenge updates.

3 thoughts on “Mystery and String Challenge”

  1. I have mystery parts cut but not all sewn, have to catch up with the rapid fire clues. However, I did get Split Squares webbed together and I am so pleased it is all out of STASH. I will be working on another one as a grad gift in blues. Mystery will be an L&E for awhile.

  2. I am SO far behind on the mystery that it will take me week or months to finish the top. I guess I’m just a very slow quilter. I hope to get to the point by the end of the week that I can do just one sample block.

    Clue one – done
    Clue two – half of the units done
    Clue three – just a few done
    Clue four – half of the units done
    Clue five – about 1/3 done
    After that, just samples (about ten) of each as we started to put things together

  3. I have been struggling to keep up ever since the diamond units. Trying to get at least 20 done of each clue so I could put blocks together when they came. And now that they have, very unhappy with my coral/melon and glad that I didn’t have all the diamonds done. Back to the cutting table !

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