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I’ve been sewing some.  There are moments here and there that I have been stealing.  Our house remodel is pretty much a stand still for my part right now.  The dry wall guy has a couple days yet.  We had hoped he’d be done by Christmas but that wasn’t to me.  If you’re new to the blog and want to read about the house remodel, it’s all here.

Even though I have been packing, I refuse to completely pack the sewing room.  I just can’t do it.  On days when I am packing, in the sewing room, I keep finding other stuff to do…or make little provisions, I can pack this but not that.  I do have two boxes that will be packed last….that way I can sew to the very last minute if need be.  Can you believe I worry more about the sewing room than the kitchen….I figure we can always eat a frozen pizza but I can’t loose my ability to sew!!

I got clue #4 done.  Ya-hoo!!  Again I thought this would be the week for me to fall behind but so far…no.  I stole some time and did it Sunday night after the kids all left after our family get together.


I’m so happy I am still “with it”.  It looks like the dry wall guy will be there a little longer than anticipated so I might not be painting until later so, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to squeak out and finish Clue #5.  Of course I’d prefer to be painting but if I can’t paint, I sure am glad I have the mystery to distract me!!

So my quilt top that I put together using all my bonus triangles is now a quilt top as I had extra time after finishing Clue #4.  It’s not ironed yet so you’re seeing it in the “raw”.


I really love it and am happy with it so far.  I keep thinking I might want to put a brown border on it..but haven’t decided.  What do you think??  As is it’s 48″ x 48″.  I want it for a baby quilt so it really doesn’t need to be any bigger.  I’d love some comments telling what you think I should do with it.

Bonnie Hunter is having a special link party today showing off what we’re working on that isn’t mystery related…I guess my post told a little about both.  Did start putting borders on my spool quilt but that blog post is for another day.  Today I am hooking up with Quiltville showing off what we’re working on….

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  1. I would suggest a narrow inner (finished 1 1/2″) brown border first.. That will help the eye stop and concentration on the stars and then add a pretty pink outer border finished at 3″ or 3 1/2″. Nice size quilt for a baby. Using both colors in the border will be stunning with the center of the quilt. I use this method offer. It always makes for a striking quilt. I call the narrow strip a stopper border. Miriam in Texas

  2. I like these colors in the quilt which is unusual because I usually only like bright colors.
    I agree with Marie, I like don’t think it needs a border.

  3. I also agree with Marie…the stars are the feature so the little squares around the edges already border the quilt. I think a darkish brown binding would be enough to frame it…absolutely gorgeous xx

  4. You really should name that Mystery Quilt something to do with the new house – like name it for your new street or something… cause it will always remind you of the remodel… I understand your need to sew right up to the edge – I moved from NY to California a few years ago, and I sewed until the day before the movers came, and I was sewing two days after we arrived ! The sewing room was the first functional room! Just keep breathing, you’ll get where you are going…

  5. I don’t think it needs a border! It is beautiful as it is and just the right size. A bias stripe border would be fun. :-)

  6. I don’t think it needs a border! It is beautiful as it is and just the right size. A bias stripe binding would be fun. :-)

  7. Kristy Wilkinson

    I love your quilt! I am still marking my black squares so I can have the bonus HST’s. This makes me want to finish them! I think a border would be fine. Just something simple that doesn’t overwhelm your darling stars! So glad you got this done plus the clue #4. You do so much! Merry Christmas. Thanks so much for all of your gifts to us from recipes to patterns to inspiration. Thanks- K-

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