My Wonderful Front Porch!

A post from Kelli–

I think any porch wouldn’t be wonderful, but my porch at the farm is AMAZING!  In the many times that I had driven past the farm before we moved here, I always loved the porch.  I knew that when we moved there, I wanted to get a porch swing and a little patio table to put out there so that I could do homework out there.  There isn’t a plug in, however I am thinking that I could run an extension cord out there and maybe even do a little bit of outside sewing this summer.

On our get away we made a stop at Menards in Dubuque.  Normally, with mom and her trips to Menards, I get the privilege (chore) of having to help her pick out lights.  I really think that we have probably bought and exchanged every light in her new house at least once.  This time, I also had to go pick out lights.  But only one–We needed a ceiling fan for our bedroom.  After we got that picked out, we stumbled around the store looking at a few things and happened to stumble upon the patio furniture.

Jason and I had talked about getting a patio set a bit, and Jason thought that we better just get one!  I was so excited!

We picked out a table and 2 chairs as we have enough room on the porch, but not too much extra.  The best part was that the one we picked happened to be on sale!

A few days later, we got everything set up and this is the result–

Table Sunset (300x400)
I know that it is a bit dark in the picture.  We didn’t realize the porch light needed an update until we got the patio set in place.

I’m betting that this is where you will find me spending the majority of my time.  Having to study is so much more pleasant when I can do it from the porch.


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