My Wicker Couch

Friday I was doing errands in Decorah and stopped at the local thrift store.  I bought this antique wicker couch for $25.

It needed a paint job and an upholstery job but it looked like something I could handle.   Gracie is here busy checking out all the “great” smells of the cushions.

After picking up the couch I stopped at Goodwill and found fabric there to fix the cushions for $8.  There were four yards which is more that I needed but the price was right so I grabbed it.  Then I was off to the paint store.  Three cans of spray paint and I was on my way home.

Hubby and I have a habit of not getting projects completed right away so I decided, not this time I was going to tackle this before I chickened out of the upholstery job.

Spray paint first.  UGH.  I need one more can but at least for now, I can see what it is going to look like.  Then the upholstery process started.

I pulled the old fabric off.  There were more layers there but I just took the top layer off.

Next I took the fabric pieces apart and laid them onto the new fabric using them as a pattern.

A few seams with the sewing machine and I had a cushion top.  After a little time with the staple gun and I had the cushions updated.

By then the paint was dry on the couch so I grabbed the cushions and put them on to check out the new look.

What do you think??  I am in love with it.  I do have to get another can of spray paint.  Actually I think two.  I need one to complete the painting as there was not enough paint to do the underside or the back side of the back.  I want to have an extra can in case there are some nicks in the paint.  All in all I am totally happy.

I think Gracie is happy too.  Total cost of project….  $45 so far…$8 more is expected for the additional paint.  All in all I think it was a good buy.  This is one of my favorite…junk to fabulous projects that I have done to date.

Project like this just make me happy….They are What Works for Me.  To see more vintage goodies, head over to Colorado Lady.


24 thoughts on “My Wicker Couch”

  1. As I read this my thoughts were…Is the blue the finished project? That doesn’t look like Jo. No, the blue must be the before…keep reading and scrolling and WOW! Oh, my goodness! That looks fabulous! I never think to do something like that. WOW! I’ll bet the former owner wants it back now! You’re so creative! Way to go!

  2. I love wicker and would never find something like that in our area for $25. Not even at a public sale. You can take anything and make it into wonderful! Thank You for taking us along on your project….now i will look at items in a different way….wondering….can I redo this to make it ‘fit’ into my home. Your blogs are always so interesting!!!

  3. I love that it has springs! I have a set of two wicker chairs (a straight legged and a rocker) that have the springs. One of the springs has broken and I’m in a quandary on how to fix it or should I just leave it?

  4. DANG! i went to the St. Vincent DEpaul stor today w DH, he found a used Tape deck, I found NOTHING…. oh well……

  5. Great find! Congratulations on a job well done.
    Gracie has such a sweet face. I have a beagle, too, named Maggie. Aren’t beagles great?

  6. That’s an unusual shape! Amazing what a can of paint will do.

    I’m posting on behalf of Deva from Fresh pastry Stand, whose candles & more are on the Vintage Thursday feature of Colorado Lady.

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