My Weekend with Scotty

I had a busy weekend….I told you my grandson Scotty spent the weekend with me.

Kalissa was over with the boys…

..and Kelli was over with Georgia.

We hung out and visited.  Later, Kelli and Kalissa went home and it was just me with Scotty.  Buck and Karl were still out hunting.  That’s when Scotty turned to me and said, “When are we going to celebrate?”  I was a little confused and didn’t quite get it.  He said, “When are we going to celebrate?”  That’s when I remembered it was my birthday.

When Scotty was here for his birthday we had balloons and a banner.  He was confused why we didn’t have that for me.  So cute.  When you’re an adult at our house, we kind of fizzle out on celebrating birthdays.

I bypassed all of that and offered to watch a show on television with him instead.  Thankfully he’s at an age where he is still easily distracted.  I worked on a cross stitch project while we watched television.

The next day I kind of needed to accomplish something.  I love having him here but my life is so crazy and hectic that I still need to accomplish something.  Besides I had played games, watched “his”shows, and baked cookies…  I was running out of “grandma” things.

So I asked him if he wanted to go up to my sewing room.  Initially I had just planned to grab something and go back downstairs…that’s about when Scotty saw my pincushions and was fascinated with the pins.

That’s when we really started having fun.  See…..

I don’t know what it is about me and our family, but we always have better conversations and more fun when we’re working….Scotty was no exception.  He played with my pins and pincushion and we chatted away.  He invited me to his house for a sleepover with his friend Mia.  He talked about all the things we were going to do.  He figured out the sleeping arrangements.  It was the cutest ever.

While we chatted, I cleaned the sewing room and loaded my baby quilt on the frame.  It was so much more fun for both of us rather than having everything be so kid focused.  I truly believe that Scotty felt the same way.  He was so much more open and talkative than when we were downstairs doing “kid” things.

I felt better too because I did a few things I wanted to get done and I seemed more at easy to talk too.  It was great.  I got my baby quilt on the frame and some much needed tidying done.

I think too often as grandparents we try to be a part of our grandchildren’s lives but don’t open ourselves up and let them into our lives.  This was so much more of a two way street.

After supper Buck and Scotty headed home…me, I headed to the sewing room.  I got my baby quilt machine quilted and I worked on this.

I so enjoyed having Scotty come by himself for a visit.  At first I was sad Lucy wasn’t coming too…but now in hindsight, I think this was just perfect.  Having Scotty one on one and letting him into the sewing room really felt like a great bonding experience to me…and that is the best birthday present ever…no celebrating with balloons needed.

19 thoughts on “My Weekend with Scotty”

  1. Such a special thing for both of you. I’m not much of a grandma. Mostly they get their birthday cards a day late. I did have my oldest granddaughter into the sewing room and taught her to sew and make a few things. She, at 18, is off doing other things now and no sewing. But if you learn to sew you will never forget.

  2. What a great story! My five year old grandson stays with us overnight once or twice a month. We have alot of fun doing kid things……..but I always feel like I can’t do “my things” when he’s here. I will have to try out your advice next time.

  3. I just love this post! It’s so interesting what kids find interesting to play with and do. What a nice day with sweet memories!

  4. I think that everyone has better talks and shared confidences when they are working together!! More is accomplished by all parties, and everyone feels that they have contributed to the good of the group. It is nice to relax together, but if “relaxation” is all you ever do together, you have missed passing on the “work ethic” that is a necessary part of life, and especially a great part of American life.
    Thank you for your life, Jo, and for sharing it with us all. Yesterday as I finished looking at various blogs I found myself thinking, “What I want is to read more blogs like Jo’s Country Junction!”

  5. It’s amazing what kids will find to do when you’re busy doing “adult” things. Both older girls want to learn to sew so in January, we’re going to make pillowcases. Not sure what our grandson will learn to do though he does enjoy working on the rv with dh.

  6. What wonderful memories created for both of you! Little ones are such a Joy to have on a one on one! Happy Birthday to you! Hugs and Prayers

  7. We had more time with the grandchildren when they were younger (and so were we). We did kid things but we also made dinner together or put puzzles together or whatever. I agree that more chatting went on during those times.

    When my children were young, I played Nintendo with them. At that point, you took turns playing. I learned lots of things during those games. I carried the tradition down to the grandchildren. I’m not very good at those games, but I sure enjoyed my time with the people I played with.

    It’s nice that you got some one on one time with Scotty. That kind of time is so special.

  8. My granddaughter used to be fascinated with my pins too. She would make’families’ by pushing them in a stuffed pincushion. Then back to the magnetic dish . Repeat. So cute.

    I think that it’s great to do those things -baking,games,…. but they really do seem to enjoy OUR activities. It’s great to expose them to all kinds of things. Happy Holidays, thanks for sharing.

  9. Mary Ann Mettler

    Sweet Jo – Kids are so fasinating – Love that Scotty wanted to celebrate – at least a happy birthday song – lol. I am glad you are at least planning a sleep over :) I find I have great conversations with my grandchildren when we go on walks too. The older ones help me with cooking. Doing things and being together are the very best.

  10. This reminded me of when, as a young girl, I’d play with my mom’s button jar. She’d sew and I’d play at the table with all the beautiful buttons. One would be a king, another the queen. I’d line the other buttons up to be ladies in waiting, etc. I had my little kingdom of buttons and was with my mom as she sewed. It’s a wonderful memory.

  11. Did the boys get a deer? Belated happy birthday. I find my grandchildren sometimes like to tag along and “do” what I’m doing. I need to be creative to find a part of the project they are able to do and load on the praise and thanks afterwards.

  12. Jo what a great birthday. And best of all great memories were made by both you and Scotty. I agree we as grandparents tend to play with the grands and we forget that they can be included in our everyday life. Good that you reminded us all. Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  13. Judith Fairchild

    I learned the lesson of doing things with the littles when I was young. I was living with my oldest sister and her family. She didn’t like the distraction of the little ones in the kitchen when she was making and baking. I found the girls especially felt left out, so I cleared an experiment with their mom. She was ok with that as long as we cleaned up afterwards. The children and I had so much fun. Once a week in the kitchen. Now that they’re grown they passed the fun on to their children and I am getting the fun with the Grands now. Yes we talk more when working together.

  14. Love,love,love this! My pincushions have been child magnets forever! I also gave them scraps to cut and even sew as they got older, great bonding happens in the sewing room, so glad you got to share it with this cute little man! My youngest grand daughter is now almost 18, sometimes I really miss those little ones.

  15. That age loves to ‘play’ with the pins. Several years ago, for whatever reason, I started saving all the empty thread spools. These are a definite toy the grands don’t have at home. They can sort them by size, sort them by color and they make great items to pull around with the tractors and wagons.

  16. So fun, my grandson at a young age loved to arrange the pins in my pincushion. Now at age 8 he looks for “his” pincusion when he comes to my house. The last time he visited for the day he sewed a basic tote bag for his mother. He picked out the fabric and he sewed it. (I cut everything out and ironed) He was so proud of it.

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