My Weekend

About 15 minutes before we left on Thursday to go to Buck’s house for Thanksgiving I was talking on the phone to Buck.  He said, “Hey, how about you take the kids home with you?”  What??  Un, sure.

It was completely okay, just unexpected.  I’m a grandma and we drop things for our grandkids so I did what every good grandma does and made plans for the kids to come home with me.

I did have one hitch.  I had planned to get my Covid booster on Friday.  Hmm.  I didn’t want to take all three kids with me for that.  I needed to get my booster soon though as my doctor recommended I take it ASAP to avoid any interaction with my upcoming cancer treatments.

Kalissa quickly volunteered to supervise a playdate at my house with her kids and Buck’s kids while I drove over and got my shot.

I got to Walmart, went to the pharmacy, and tried to check in.  DRAT!  They only do them by appointment and they were booked for the day.  DRAT!  Well, there are two other pharmacies in town so I check with them.  All by appointment only.  All were booked.

I was frustrated.  I needed to get the shot.

In the meantime, Kalissa sent some pictures of the kids.  She had them make a letter to Santa.
Here is Lilly.

She made homemade pretzels with them too.

I did my errands and came home to mail.  Oh, my word.  You guys spoiled me.  I have freeze-dried fruit.  The box that says Fruit by the Foot has dried fruit packs too.  You all are so sweet.  THANKS SO MUCH.  I ended up getting more in Saturday’s mail too!

Everything went great with the kids on the overnight on Thursday and on Friday the night started out good.  Lilly is a co-sleeper kiddo so she slept with me.  At 2:30 am she woke up fussing.  She’s done this in the past.  If I just pat her, she goes back to sleep…but this time she didn’t.  I figured she wanted a drink so went down and got a drink.

She drank about half and then started coughing.  She coughed and coughed.  I ended up getting her up and rocking her in the chair in my room.  It was about 3:45 by now.

Right about then, she puked.  UGH.  This grandma hates puke.  Luckily she missed the two of us and just hit the floor.  I already was suspicious and had a towel thank heavens.  She immediately went to sleep after that.  I continued rocking her before I laid her back down to make sure she wasn’t going to puke a second time.

Here we are at 4 am.

The next day she was completely fine.  Everyone did great.  Doughnuts for breakfast!

Buck came home Saturday morning.  He did some odd jobs for me.  My door got fixed.  He worked on my front door too.  He made some grow light brackets for me and took my recycling.  What a treat to have these jobs done.

That night Karl came over and we did what we always do.  We played Ticket to Ride.  This time we broke out the expansion pack I bought to go with the original game.  It’s the 1910 Version.  Find it HERE.  WE LOVED IT!  The expansion pack really is a game-changer.  SO FUN!!

We all went to bed late but had such a great night.  The boys and I were laughing and laughing.  I have fun with the girls but I also have great fun with the boys too.  They make fun of me all of the time…I love it.

Sunday after Buck and the kids left I did some cleaning…Check out what I found.  The kids must have been in my Martha Washington cabinet.

I ended up going to Walmart to get my Covid shot.  I picked up a couple of things at Walmart and then stopped at Goodwill.  If there is a thrift store…I have to stop.  I saw this there and almost bought it for Karl but knew he wanted something bigger.  The chairs were nice and the price was good.

I did find this for $10…  This has a whole story to go with it and I’ll tell you that later this week.  Let’s just say, it was worth the $10 to me!!

From there I picked up the shirts that Kalissa ordered.  Yahoo!  If you preordered a shirt, it should be to you this week.

Then it was home and some housework around here and then…blog writing and then, cross-stitching.  I’d say it was another absolutely great weekend (minus the puke and two hours up in the night grandma stint).  I’d take time with the kids even if it means that!!

6 thoughts on “My Weekend”

  1. My eyes zeroed in on the dishes on the table at your Goodwill. I collect the snowmen dishes and I really need bowls!

    Glad you enjoyed your time with the kids. I hate puke too!

  2. How fun to have those cute gkids overnight, but sorry about the upchuck. I don’t think anybody likes that and you were smart to have a towel handy and also be glad that it wasn’t in the bed.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I love having the grands over especially now that they’re getting old enough to tackle things they couldn’t do as littles. Oe of my girls likes to cook and is becoming an avid house keeper and writer. The other likes outside work and art. Such fun to have around. My grandson is 16 (it doesn’t seem that long ago that he was your twins age. Kalissa did great with all of them.your grands are so adorable. I’m so glad you shared the pictures.

  4. So glad you were able to get your booster before treatment starts, Yahoo! and how nice to be able to wander in a thrift store with no time restraints. Glad Buck could get some items off your to do list while he was there.

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