My Weekend

I had a very nice weekend.  I went to the Tribute show for The Carpenters that I told you about in the morning post.  Then Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market.

I have a couple of goals for the summer.  One…I’m hoping to eat more fruits and veggies…really more veggies, garden, and be outside LOTS, and I’m hoping to take in and appreciate lots of little things.  Going to the Farmer’s Market is the perfect way to do all of that.

I treated myself to a monstrous soft pretzel.  My girls have raved about these.  I finally got one for myself.  I tried the garlic version.  YUM!

I got fresh greens and I bought some hardy yellow mums.  The mums were only $2 each.  The local gardening group was selling them.  I was so excited to get some.  Two are for me and one is for a friend.  The plants are small but for $2 it was still a deal!!

My mom had a wonderful hardy yellow mum that I always loved.  I know exactly where it was located in the landscape around the house.  I loved it.  Now I’m hoping I’ll have one too.  Fingers crossed I can keep it alive.  I love getting plants from someone who was actually growing them vs a nursery.  I always have more hope that they will thrive.

I put the rest of the garden in on Saturday…

Happily, it rained about an hour after I finished.  It wasn’t a lot of rain but I’ll take any to give the garden a good first start.  I’m so excited about the garden this year.  Last year I almost didn’t plant one.  What a difference a year makes!!

I still need to move a few plants in the flower garden and do a little more work on it but it’s progressing along.

I spent a couple of hours on Sunday working on my swing set.  Did you miss that blog post?  Read it HERE if you missed it.

Buck called me and said he wants to come up on Saturday (now changed to Memorial Day weekend) and try to get it put together.  That’s kind of tough as he has to bring extra wood and repair pieces with him as we won’t have a local place open on a Saturday to get extras if we need them.

So I found the manual online on how it is put together.  I messaged that to him.  I measured and sorted some of the pieces trying to figure out what we needed to buy.

It wasn’t easy as so many things either won’t get here when he’s here or they are out of stock.

I ended up ordering this bracket as we are going to try to use my old pumper swing that the kids love.

If my glider doesn’t work, I’ll have to buy a new one.  That’s okay but I hope mine will work.

I also ordered this little set of accessories that can be added to the swing set.  I know some of these things can be added later but I thought I might as well have them here so it can get done all at the same time.

The tic tac toe panel was a tough one to find.  I finally found one but now it’s a race to see if it will get here in time.

Tic Tac Toe Spinner Panel
The original set had one but it was damaged.

I spent the afternoon doing odd jobs around the house, writing blog posts, and making cake.  It was Kalissa’s birthday on Sunday.  I typically make her an angel food cake but didn’t know if that was what she wanted or if the kids would want angel food so I made both!!

My angel food cake recipe can be found HERE.

Here’s the chocolate cake.  The recipe for it can be found HERE.

The northern group of Kramer’s came here that evening for supper…

Here are a few pictures that were taken…

If you’re wondering what she got for presents…things to make pizza.  It was what she requested.
This is the peel she picked. It has a nice handle that will swivel for easier storage.  You can find it HERE.

She picked this pizza stone. You can find it HERE.

This is Kalissa with Emmett.

Kelli was trying to put 26 candles on the cake…I stopped her.  We didn’t want the smoke alarms going off.  HA!!

With Kalissa’s birthday, that means that now all of my children have moved on past 25.  I don’t know if that makes me old or them old.

It was a simple weekend…nothing fancy but it was just the weekend I needed.  I got out.  I got some things done and I spent time with family.  Is there anything better??  I hope I can repeat it again next weekend.

9 thoughts on “My Weekend”

  1. How fun! Two cakes is doing quite a bit all by itself. The twins are growing and seem so alert. I hope you find all the pieces you need for the swing set. The kids will love it and so wonderful that Buck is able to come and help assemble it.

  2. When my mother turned 95, my grown (and married) two sons decided she needed 95 candles on her cake. Even with two people lighting the candles, by the time they were done, the candles were burning each other and it almost turned into a fireball. It was a mess and dangerous (I thought), they thought it was great and hilarious! They still don’t listen to their mom (me) when I tell them not to do something!

  3. Na. It makes you wiser and your kids old (my Mom said that!) She named herself “The Wise One”. :-)

    What a terrific weekend and so much to look foward to: swingset, picking your food 20 minutes before you eat it, flowers to remember your Mom. Does it get any better?

    Happy Wednesday Jo :-)

  4. You aren’t old until your children are retiring!!! This saying was passed on by my sister ! Sounds good to me!

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Looks like it was a fun night for all at Kalissa’s birthday. Nice tools for making pizza too!

    Eli and Emmett are so cute and really growing.

  6. Your youngest being older than 25 doesn’t make you old. My daughter turns 50 in Sept. and I’m fighting being old because of that. I turn 69 this month and I still say I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Nah you’re not old. You’re only as old as you feel and can change daily. Enjoy your family pictures you have a redheaded grandson cool!. Grandchildren seem to grow faster than our children do.

  8. Birthday cakes and candles reminds me of the time my BIL organized a surprise birthday party for my baby sister’s 40th birthday. We actually put 50 candles on the cake and when she blew them all out we told her ‘it stuck’ and she was now the oldest!! As we were at a restaurant, lots of people around us were laughing at our little prank!

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