My Weekend

I had a fabulous weekend.  When I was getting groceries on Saturday the guy who was taking my groceries out asked, “Do you have plans for the weekend?”  The tone he had was a little bit of an assumption of sadness if I didn’t.  I happily said “NO…No plans at all and I couldn’t be happier!”  I so needed a no plans weekend….some time to catch up do a little on nothing..and a little of something all in a weekend.  I had no commitments to anyone or anything.  In my busy life a day or two like that is PERFECT!!

My fun actually started on Friday.  I had a smaller group of kiddos for childcare which was good as Connie stopped by….

I remembered to take a picture but it was a horrible one!!  The sun was in our eyes!!  I did get a nice one of Connie.
She was stopping on the way to her daughter’s house.  I’m a nice stop in between.  The other Friday news…. my furniture FINALLY came.  (more on that in another post)

I didn’t want to spend all of my weekend shopping and there were a few things I wanted in a “bigger” town so I made plans to go to Waterloo after childcare.  I told Kelli about it and she asked if I minded if her and Georgie came with.  Not a bit did I mind.  I did warn her that it might end up being a late night though, and it was.

First we hit up Hobby Lobby and then it was onto the At Home store.  Georgie was perfect…not a single squeak!!

You might remember that book, “Everything I needed to learn, I learned in Kindergarten”….well Kelli and I decided that Hobby Lobby and At Home had some pretty good advice on living life….like this sign in the Fall section….

Kelli loved the sign below.

I took this sign to heart.  I sure am trying to grow through this all!!

This one was a little too close to home for me.  Kramer used to tease me about all the things he “taught” me…how to drink beer…how to drive a stick…how to run a sander…how to do all the fix it jobs…
I wiped a tear, turned around and saw this sign.  Bahahaha.  I was time to be happy.

This one made me pause and think.  I couldn’t help but think of Kramer’s sister’s family.  Their daughter who is the same age as our Kalissa found out she has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and they are starting their personal journey through cancer.  
May healing be possible for her!

Another good one…

Then there was this sign…also sound advice

I feel like a as a parent I’ve said something like the sign below.

Kelli is always such a jokester in town….she loved the floral sign in this picture.

Oh dear…another “heavy on my heart” sign….
…and a good reminder right next to it.

…and then a little humor.

Who knew reading signs could be so emotional??

This one was better for me….I can handle that one.

This one I likely should have bought.  Do you know anyone who says UGH more than me??

This was a good piece of advice and I’d like to apply that to my quilting.  Trying is better than perfection!!
In all seriousness…it’s likely this sign I should have bought.  “Be Brave”.  I find me needing to say that to myself now and then…and I think I am (most of the time).

That sign sums it all up….

So that was my “words of advice” from Hobby Lobby and At Home.  I’m glad Kelli was with me when we looked.  We both wiped a tear now and then…and we both laughed.

I didn’t find everything I was looking for but that’s okay.  We had fun. Kelli and I decided that we’d like to take a trip to Waterloo a little more often.  The things I didn’t find can wait.  We both decided that we like going in the evening and not wasting a whole day off with shopping….so that’s the plan in a month or so when we both have more money.

So tell us…what’s your favorite saying you’ve seen on a sign??

29 thoughts on “My Weekend”

  1. Tried to copy and paste but didn’t work. Signs by my sewing machine say “FINISHED is better than perfect” and By Grace Alone.” When people ask me why I “acquired” twins in my 50’s and how I manage as single parent of five I say “with the help of friends and the Grace of God!” Too bad the pic didn’t come through you could have seen them and science quilt I’m making.

  2. I like the “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” I had a similar saying on my work bulletin board when I worked with a highly critical woman who took great pleasure in other’s mistakes. Every time she pointed out a mistake. I’d point to my sign, she’d then smirk and walk away, but boy did it make me feel better to have that little sign to look at, it never changed her attitude but it helped mine!

  3. Claire Lonergan

    favourite saying “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” This sign hangs above my desk at home

  4. One of my favorite sayings that came out of my own mouth is “Look where you’re going … not where you’ve been!). I meant it literally when I said it to chatty kids in the school hallway, but figuratively it applies to most people’s lives. Thanks for sharing your daily adventures!

  5. “In this house we LOVE, HUG, LAUGH a lot, DREAM BIG, are grateful, have FUN , Cheer for Boise State”

    And many years ago I bought 5 metal written signs and arranged them above the sliding door in our family room: Friends, Family, Relax, Laugh, Dream

  6. My favorite was found when I was going through my own cancer battle…
    “Jesus loves you…but I’m his favorite”
    My mom bought it for me ❤️

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter

    That floral picture and the UGH! sign would both make great quilts!!! There was even an hourglass block in the UGH! sign! Glad the three of you could run off and have some time together. I wish you enough. Drive safe!

  8. I bought a small sign for my sewing room that says, “Finished is better than perfect.” Sometimes I need that reminder. Thank you for sharing the signs you saw. It was fun reading them. My favorite is “Always kiss your dog goodnight.” We have a basset hound named Bud and I tuck him in each night and give him a kiss on the head.

  9. Katherine Gourley

    My Hubby loves fishing and I frequently tease him about it, so when I saw the words below on a sign (on clearance at Joann’s) — I had to have get it for him.

    Missing — husband, fishing pole and dog
    Reward for dog

    Another favorite is a beautiful hand letter sign that says “High School Sweethearts”

    Your weekend sounded wonderful.

  10. Micki Clemens

    One of my faves, ” creative minds are seldom tidy. “. My honey is a type A neatnick and my sewing/quilting stuff is a bit much for him.

  11. “God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change, The Courage To Change The Things I Can, And The Wisdom To Know The Difference” is my favorite sign. I tell myself this many times throughout the day.

    Although infrequent, I love weekends with no plans. This past weekend was that way but it was too hot to even want to get out of the house. I’ve decided to take a personal day next week and head out of town shopping. I think a little retail therapy will lift my spirits. Hobby Lobby will be one of my stops. Thanks for sharing pictures of the signs.

  12. A sign in my den “In a world where you can be anything you want BE KIND”. In my grandson’s room BE SILLY, BE HONEST AND BE KIND. Those are two of my favorites! Loved reading the ones you showed. There was some really good ones in that group. I’ve always wanted to cross stitch a saying my grandma always said but have never graphed it out. She would say not everyone can be pretty and not everyone can be smart but Everyone can be kind. We need more kindness now days. Glad you and Kelli had a fun shopping day.

    The get your fat parts ready made me think of one I saw at a Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago. It said Gobble til you Wobble. Just made me laugh.

  13. I just picked one up on clearance from Hob Lob that says, CHOOSE HAPPY…but ugh! When he went to hang it, Hubby pointed out that the metal was warped! So that wonky sign will be happily hung in my upstairs quilting room!

  14. Friday evening shopping is a good idea! Especially with a fun companion!
    I only just saw this poster “How deep is the mud?” Just google it and see the two adorable dogs and the rest of the message.

  15. Donna Pheneger

    I love Hobby Lobby – dh takes me occasionally, walks through and then sits in the car or rv and reads his Kindle until I come out. So patient!
    Dd and I often walk through that section of wall art – there’s just not enough room or wall space in my rv or her home for all the wonderful sayings. But, it sure is inspirational to walk through.
    Love and prayers

  16. The serenity prayer is my all time favorite. “Though she be but little, she is fierce” by William Shakespeare I also love Hobby Lobby signs!!

  17. Mine is a bumper sticker….”Forget world peace, visualize using your turn signal.” I cracked up and took a picture of this when I saw it. Peace can start with small steps of common courtesy!

  18. I crosstitched this for my mom, with a border of thread spools, As you sew, so shall ye rip. She loves it, but I rip out way more than she does!

  19. My friend is always saying to me when I have more on my plate than I can handle.” LET GO, LET GOD”. I live alone and have everything to do myself, and sometimes it does get over whelming, when you own your own home etc. I do get some help with the lawn, mowing though. I wouldn’t have it any other way, no apartments for me yet. Even though I am 77, I try and keep up with everything and have some fun along the way. Have fun shopping Jo.

  20. SusanfromKentucky

    My favorite is a mini sign I bought when visiting my friend in Texas. It sits next to my husband’s ashes and says, “You will forever be my always”.

  21. Meylonie Schatz

    I also have non-curable cancer but the pallative imunotherapy is working wonders. When I was first diagnosed I bought a tube of bright red lipstick and had my daughter write in big letters on our bathroom mirror “WE ARE STRONG AND BRAVE” so both my husband and I see it many times each day. It reminds us to keep up the good fight. And it only cost a couple of $ for the lipstick. You probably have a tube laying around so it would be free.

    Good luck to you. Sending hugs.

  22. Two of the many wise sayings my great teacher/pastor taught me are so meaningful. When going through situations as you and your family have been, “I can’t wait to see the GOOD that comes out of this.”

    When I find myself in a pity party, I look in the mirror and say: “Get off the cross, we need the wood!”

    And I have learned from the Strong Kramer clan: “Drive Safe!”

  23. Jo a week or so you mentioned audible books and I found a site that I thought you might want to check out. I hope it has some books that you would like to read. The site is Chirp Books and is how you can connect I think. I have no idea about the pricing but think there might be some free books. I so enjoy all your posts and look forward to reading them. Hugs, Daisy

  24. Darlynn Venne

    I have to say,,the last sign is what I needed. so many times I have said and hear people say, “God is Good”. But what about those times when it feels like God has left us (not really….just feels that way). How can the words “God is Good” feel like the right thing. But, Daniel has it….
    “and if not, He is still good.”
    Wrote this on a sticky note as a reminder.
    thank you

  25. Well, mine isn’t on a sign, but here goes. Angela Walters is another one of my favorite quilting people, along with you JO … and Kelli! Angela has been known to say, “finished is better than perfect.” I took many of her Craftsy classes when I was learning to machine quilt on my domestic machine, so I still hear her saying that in my head when I am quilting.
    Another one she said in a video was, “no one ever became a better quilter by picking out stitches.”
    I think if you and Angela lived near each other, you’d be friends. You are both “my kind of people.”
    Thinking of you…

  26. Loved seeing those signs and made me wish I had a place in my sewing room to hang many of them! I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. I came across this quote recently and fell in love with it, “Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.” I also love the Serenity prayer.

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