My Weekend

I had Scotty and Lucy for the weekend!!  They are our son Buck’s  and Lora’s kiddos.  Scotty is soon to be four and Lucy is 1 1/2 years old.

In the picture below it’s Carver to the left, then Lucy, then Scotty.  15 months are between Carver and Scotty and then 15 months between Carver and Lucy.  I loved having them!

Scotty and Lucy came on Friday afternoon.  Kayla picked them up and brought them.  Buck and Lora are building a house in Lisbon.   Buck is a carpenter by trade and is trying to do as much as he can to but costs on the house.  This weekend was a big push to get the flooring in.

Lora was busy too.  They are trying to get her house ready to put on the market.  The hope is that they will move the beginning of September if not sooner so they want Lora’s house to sell as soon as it can so they aren’t making payments on two houses.

I haven’t seen the new house yet.  I’m hoping maybe next weekend.  It’s Scotty’s birthday and I’m hoping to make a trip that way for that.

We didn’t go anything super fun or unusual when they were at my house.  Carver came over for a cousin day on Saturday.

Uncle Karl made his famous chocolate cake.  (Recipe HERE)  Here’s Lucy eating hers….

I’ll admit.  We used cake a bribe several times.  It’s that good and that famous!!

I think the kids had a lot of fun.  With running a childcare, these guys see toys they don’t have and that makes them happy.  This Grandma is also a push over when it comes to kids asking if they can go outside.

We went for a walk and “just happen” to pass the park so we got to go because they had been good.

They both loved the swing.  They were moving so the mosquitos and gnats weren’t bothering them.  Me, I was eaten alive.  No joke….but it’s what we grandmas do, right??

We finally headed back towards home.  That’s when Scotty realized I wasn’t joking and bugs were bad.  He’s was so busy swatting them that I couldn’t get him to take a picture.

We had a good weekend….better than I anticipated.  Lucy is a shy one that doesn’t warm up to others super quick.  Buck jokes and says whoever she wakes up with is her person.  So Friday the handoff between Lora and Kayla happened just before naptime.  Lucy fell asleep in the car.  She woke with Kayla at my house so Kayla was her person.  She didn’t have much of an interest in me on Friday.  Then Friday night I had her sleep in my room.  She woke with me.  I was her person.

We ended up doing really good.  I’m anxiously awaiting the day that, all on her own, she’d run up and give me a hug.  Little by little she’s getting better and that’s all that matters.  If we have a couple more Grandma weekends, maybe we’ll get there.  Thankfully Scotty already likes me so I’m not trying to convince both of them that I’m not scary!!

I’m guessing I’ll get them again on moving weekend.  Hm…what would I rather do…hang with the kids or help move?  I’ll pick the kids any day!!

10 thoughts on “My Weekend”

  1. As a grandmother of 9, I’ve discovered some grands are just more reserved than others. Some of my grandchildren just hang back from hugging more than others. That doesn’t mean they don’t like me, they just are affectionate other ways. My bribery tool, at least in the summer? Popcicles! Messy yes, but they love them.

  2. That sounds like a lot of progress. Some of us get overwhelmed with lots of new people at once, even as adults. I bet once Lucy realizes she knows more of the faces in that big group she’ll warmup sooner. Plus, who can resist both chocolate cake and new toys. What a lucky girl.

  3. Sherry Whalen

    I agree with Mary Jo B. – we got some Bugg and the vanilla one worked really well with gnats, the lemon one on mosquitoes. We were at an outdoor party and the hosts had some of this around for everyone to use because the gnats were awful and it seems like gnats are not phased by chemical sprays . It seems we had to apply it maybe once an hour, BUT it is so pleasant smelling and nontoxic that I didn’t mind! We got ours at Fisks in Cresco.

  4. Jeannie, I love that “Karl’s Cake” is your go-to bribe! Why do I love that? Because that cake is known as “Dad’s Cake” here! Russ has made it for years and no one else can quite do it! Our daughter in law comes pretty close, though. By the way, it turns out great with a good gluten free flour blend! (Seems it needs a little longer baking, and I also like a bundt pan for more consistent baking.
    Grandkids will keep you busy our youngest was always Grandpa’s boy.

  5. Marianne Barta

    Wow — doing great with all the kiddos. Wonderful Grandma you are. We have 10 grand children — and they all are special in their own way. Love them all so much. Best wishes always to you and Hugs.

  6. Yes those mosquitoes and gnats are real bad this year. I made a potion of soaking orange peels in Vinegar and spraying that on me. I was at the beach with my 2 great grand daughters and getting bite by those horse fly’s I sprayed myself down with it and they quit biting me. A little girl in the water said she could smell vinegar and I said it was me, and my bug spray. Ha. well any way that is what I do. It is good for a lot of other things too. Kids are so much fun and they really do keep us young.

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