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I did as much as I could this weekend.  Everyone here has a little feeling of “this is our last mostly normal weekend” for awhile.  There is a bit of an apprehension around here.  Radiation and chemo started yesterday and we were all unsure of the unknown.  I think that “unsure of the unknown” can be a lot to manage if people aren’t careful.  So I tried to do things I would “normally” do.

So what was that? I had a day with Kalissa.  It’s been WAY to long since I’ve been to the antique booth we have in Harmony, MN.  There is a great gal that works there that I previously didn’t know but now would call a friend.  She’s great.  She works there and has been so kind to move things around and manage the space for us since Kramer’s diagnosis of lung cancer in January.

February was a nightmare for sales.  Between the snowstorms and terrible weather along with us not getting there to stock the booth we had poor sales.  With the birth of Gannon, Kalissa hasn’t had much of a chance to stock her booth either.  Needless to say, a trip to take care of things was LONG overdue.

I took pictures of my booth but didn’t realize until I was already home that my camera was on the wrong setting.  Ugh.  The pictures aren’t the best…sorry. Bear with me.

This is the back wall of our booth.

Right now I have a lot of glass out.  WAY more than I usually have but remember that auction I went to and bought salt and pepper shakers at for $2 a flat??  It was same auction I bought quilts and fabric at.  (read about that auction HERE)

….and the auction that I bought all of the pottery and ceramic stuff at? (read about that auction HERE)
Well, it was time to sell the stuff I got at those auctions.  So far, the salt and pepper shakers have been selling really well.

See the red cooler that is plaid.  It’s in mint condition.  I paid $1 for it and looked it up on Ebay.  It sold there for $90.  We won’t get that price around here but I did know to price it MUCH higher that I would have.

My $1 auction map is up and ready to sell.

The frames that I bought and cleaned have been selling well too.  I’m so glad.  Buying is such a risk.  I laugh and say it’s like playing the lottery.  We buy and hope it pays off.

People have suggested we give this up being Kramer has lung cancer and we have so much going on now.  We don’t want to give anything up.  We love the life we had and want to hang on to it.  Until we know that life HAS to change and there are permanent problems, we’re going to hang on to it all.  We might not stock as often as we have.  We might not get to as many places to buy but that’s okay….we’re still doing okay with it all.

Enough about us though.
Here is Kalissa’s booth….She had to reset everything as on the way to the antique mall we hit a moving sale.  See that blue shelf in the picture?  She found that at the sale.  It was $20 and PERFECT for the booth.  It’s the right kind of chippy and a great color.  It gave her a lot of added space.

Notice to the back right, she has shirts.  She sells them in the booth and has done quite well with them.

The booths we have are “u” shaped.  This is on the other wall before the shirts.

She spent a lot of time on this little display.  Isn’t it lovely?

I adore the bright colors.

Kalissa and I had both said on the way there that we wouldn’t look or shop when we got there.  Trust me.  A real hazard of having a booth at the antique mall is a want to shop to there after we’re done stocking.

Well I didn’t “shop”…but everytime we carried items in and out I walked past this booth.  Do you see what I see?

Can you see what tempted me?

If you picked this…’re right.

Isn’t it precious??

How could I resist this precious $4 pincushion?  I couldn’t.

So as we walked to the register Kalissa and I were both tempted to look at the Vintage Farmhouse booth….

We both would love some of the greenery.  We decided to wait and hit up Hobby Lobby on a 50% off flower day.  The greenery wasn’t really expensive at all but I think we more so wanted a day away again.

…and a selfie to remember the day.

After here is was grocery shopping time and then back home.

Craig was great and made supper for all of us.  It was a wonderful simple Saturday that felt about as “normal” as we can get.

4 thoughts on “My Weekend”

  1. Glad you two got out for the day; well deserved! I would not give up the booth either! Your family enjoys running it and there will be a time hubby will feel better and will be back at it!

  2. Staying busy and doing normal things is a great way of beating stress and worry. Kramer might want to do some “puttering” on getting some items ready for the booth so the distraction could be a needed thing.

  3. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Keep doing “normal” things because it helps you get through it. I loved being outside when I had chemo but it was a blazing hot summer. We moved the loungers under the deck so I could be outside and Bill worked in the yard. Just a spin on a normal activity. Feeling normal helps you feel like you will get through this and you will. One day at a time!

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