My Weekend….

I had a great weekend.  It was busy and I didn’t accomplish much in the sewing room but that’s okay.  Family first ALWAYS.

Saturday morning Kalissa, Carver and I took off early.  Our mission was to find the big orange “H”.  That’s what we told Carver anyway.  He knows his uppercase letters now so we’re always making him look to find them out in public.

Kalissa had ordered online and we only needed to pick up her order.  Yes, we did end up with a couple more things but the things that were pre-ordered were things for Craig.  I love this option.
From there we went to another store with an “H”…Hobby Lobby or “Hobby-Hobby” as Carver said.

I ended up getting some sticky board so I could finish a couple cross stitch projects, a couple solid fabrics (watch for more about that in an upcoming stash report) and picture frames to do my family picture wall.

It was a fun time.  The weather in Waterloo was snowy and yucky.  We might not have gone if we knew.  The weather at our house was perfect.  We made it safe and that’s what counts.

The next day I had something scheduled with Kayla.  We had seen that there was a lefse making class in Decorah.  That’s a half hour from us and Kayla LOVES lefse.  I’m not head over heels for it but do enjoy it.  For those of you who don’t know what lefse is, it’s a scandinavian food.  It’s made with mashed potatoes and flour and a few other things.  It’s rolled flat like a tortilla.  Around here people typically put butter and sugar on it, roll it up and eat it.

Kayla was really wanting to go to the class and I was happy to go with and learn.  The classroom was small but nice.  The instructor was good.

Here I am rolling out my lefse….
The goal is to get it super thin..then is cooks on a griddle like a tortilla.  Makers use the stick that’s in my hand for transferring and moving the lefse.

We were so excited to see our longarmer and friend Carla there with her daughter.  Having people we knew there made it all extra fun.

Of course there was tasting too….
From there we stopped at the Vesterheim Museum shop.  Neither of us had been there and have wanted to stop.  Decorah has a big Norwegian Museum.  We thought to get some equipment there for lefse making but ended up at the kitchen store instead.

Kayla wanted a trip to the yarn shop too.  I know nothing about yarn shops but Kayla does and she loves the Blue Heron Yarn Shop….

From there it was a necessary stop for me at Wal-Mart….Check out what we found….quilty dog dishes.  No…I didn’t get any for Ruby.  I sure was tempted though.

The class was in the morning so once we got home we still had time to hang out.  Craig, Kalissa and Carver came over for supper so Kayla could see them while she was home.

I half apologized to Kalissa saying, “I’m sorry you have to come home every time one of your siblings come home.”  Kalissa laughed and said she liked to and that she always gets in on the good suppers that way.  True.

It was a good weekend…lots of fun filled with all the things I need to get me going into another work week.

5 thoughts on “My Weekend….”

  1. My husband grew up eating lefse and I have tried to make it several times. The first time I made it was like an “I Love Lucy” episode…I swear it kept growing and growing–more flour, more flour! I laughed so hard at myself. My husband ate it, but it took me a while to try again. I would definitely take a class. I’ve made it successfully, but not in a while. In Minnesota (where we grew up), you can actually buy lefse frozen in some grocery stores. I imagine that’s heresy though. Good luck and eat some for my hubby–he loves the butter and sugar topping, too!

  2. As usual, I learned something new from your blog! I had not heard of lefse! Glad you had a fun, family filled weekend; the best kind!

  3. Fresh lefsa is the best with butter and sugar. My son doesn’t care for it and will only eat it with peanut butter!! I told him that is totally wrong and he is not allowed to waste it that way!! LOL I learned to make it from my mom. Last Thanksgiving I was able to make it with my mom and sister-in-law. Mom isn’t physically able to make it anymore, but enjoyed watching and visiting with us while we made it.

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