My Wedding Dress Rides Again!!!

So last week Kalissa was here.  She was on a mission.  She was making a Halloween costume.  She vowed to sew it….I tried to help.

She came over when the childcare kiddos were here.  She’d ask me what to do next then she’d do it.  She was a real trooper and the kids LOVED seeing the sewing machine work.


I figured Kalissa would peter out in the middle of the project but she was sticking with it.


She needed a skirt…something that would flow and look elegant.

She worked on it a lot.  Then life happened and Saturday rolled around.  The costume was still not finished.

Here’s the first clue about who Kalissa is going to be…here’s Karl in her wig as he’s holding Carver.


Of course Kalissa over-booked herself.  She hosted a garage sale at her house Friday and Saturday.  So she was fretting on Saturday when she needed her costume.  I told her I would help out and sew the pink sashing.  As I was sewing it I got a whole new appreciation for my mother and her willingness to sew my wedding dress along with some of the bridesmaid dresses too.  Yuck.  I hate sewing that stuff.

That got me thinking of my wedding dress.  That got me thinking to the costume Kalissa needed…and that’s when it hit me.  My wedding dress would work for her costume.  I’m not one of those girls who preserved their wedding dress.  My son has worn it for Homecoming festivities.  Kalissa wore it a different time.  See?


Now she was going to wear it again.  Here are her and Craig’s costume.Any guess on who they are???  They are a couple.


If you guessed a frozen Jack and Rose from the Titanic movie you are right.

They ended up winning first place at the party here in town.

Karl went with them.


He won one of the awards for dancing.  Who knew he was a dancer?

They all had a really good time….I love seeing their happy faces.  Sometimes people get the impression that there isn’t fun things to do in a small town.   There’s fun if you’re ambitious enough to find it.

Me, I had fun too.  I just hung out with Kayla and Carver.

As for my wedding dress…it’s had it’s share of fun over the years too.  It’s back in the garbage bag in the closet.  I’m sure it will make an appearance again one of these days.

10 thoughts on “My Wedding Dress Rides Again!!!”

  1. How fun that they went all together, love the idea that they could use your wedding dress in this adventure. Fun, Fun & Fun!!

  2. I agree with sewing “that stuff”! With three daughters I made my share of Homecoming and prom dresses. That “shifting fabric” was a curse many times. For me now even doing simple mending is at the bottom of any pile I want to sew. My youngest daughter is a clothing and textile geek and would never allow my wedding dress to become a costume ;)

  3. My wedding dress came to life as 3 baptismal gowns for my granddaughters – I just loved that their Mom’s asked me to make them. So keep that in the back of your mind. If you get to that stage & want it done – just let me know & I’d “help” you out, you have been so generous to Binky Patrol, I’d love to pay you back!

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