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I sat down to the computer to write blog posts on Thursday evening but decided to quickly look at Facebook.  The local radio station had this graphic up…

I decided I wanted to read that.  UGH.  I don’t want snow.  FYI.  I live on the live south and west of Decorah.

Did that graphic say 4-7+ inches??  Oh no.  That could completely change my day.  I could end up with kiddos here.

We have had wonderful weather this week.  The kids have been outside playing.  I’ve gotten back to walking with my friend.  It’s truly been just the pick-me-up I’ve needed.

It’s been so nice I’ve been tempted to clean up the plants and do some spring prep work…but, I’m an Iowa and before that, I was a Minnesotan.  I know better than to think this is real spring.  This graphic with potential snow proved it…or did it??

I went to the page with the forecast and this is what it said:
The snow threat continues to increase for northeast Iowa and southwest & central Wisconsin late tonight into Friday. This threat has shifted slightly further north than this morning. Due to uncertainty on how much rain will mix in with the snow, there will be a wide range of potential snow amounts. While the best estimate forecast calls for 1-4 inches of snow in this band, there is a slight chance that some areas see 4-7+ inches of snow, or conversely, little to no snow. Elevation will also impact snowfall amounts. River valleys will likely see lighter totals than the ridge tops. In addition, warm road surfaces could also impact snow amounts. Any snow which falls will be heavy and wet. Bottom-line, stay turned for additional forecast updates.”

Hmm.  I don’t understand.  From what I read I could get 4-7+ inches or nothing.  Interesting.

I sent the forecast to my kids in our family chat group.  Karl wrote back:

“A summary of that forecast:
There will be precipitation or else there won’t be.
This has been the weather.”


I want to give forecasters the benefit of the doubt but this is a bit of a range.  I think the best forecast might have been simply, “Bottom-line, stay turned for additional forecast updates.”

There was nothing to do but wait and see in the morning.  I guess I’d either have snow or I wouldn’t.  And… we got

Rain.  There wasn’t even a flake that I saw overnight.

About noon today the weather was this…
Can you see the snow in the picture?

The snow never stuck.  The roads are all fine.

I know predicting precipitation can be hard this time of year as there are so many factors that play into it all…but this forecast was a little comical to me.  Sometimes I wonder if forecaster hype the forecasts so that they can get people to watch the news.  Who knows?

What’s the weather where you are?  Any 4-7+ or maybe possible nothing forecasts for you??

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    1. Donna Albright

      When I got up yesterday morning, there was white ground everywhere! Even the trees were covered in snow. It kept melting – thank goodness – because it also kept snowing until about 2 pm! We still have snow cover this morning but it will be gone by the end of the day. I live west of Des Moines about 45 miles. Des Moines didn’t have any snow.

  1. WELL!!! Radar showed “green” for rain over us last night -though I suppose we were on the ‘edge’ and it said it was raining in Grafton– 5 miles away- that is the weather on my phone– today the same thing—and possible some showers-!!! Never saw a drop of moisture!! At one point, sort of looked like it was damper out on the lawn–but more likely from light fog?? SO disappointing not to get some rain– need it badly.
    I don’t watch the news really on tv–and just check weather info on phone or internet!! There you have it -from around an hour West of you!!

    1. Marsha from Kansas

      That’s what we have said. What other job can you keep and be wrong so often or so wishy-washy in making decisions? In south central Kansas the snow barely covered the ground and was melted by noon. We need the moisture, too.

  2. Last week we had several warm days. Then, quickly turned very cold Friday evening. Got anywhere from 2-5 inches in the greater Nashville area. The weather seems to turn on a dime this time of the year. Hope we are all done with snow for now.

  3. We should still be in the depth of cold/snow winter. Instead, it was 35F, sunny and no wind. I went for a 2 hour stroll in a t-shirt and sweatshirt, no gloves/hat/scarf. It was lovely but oh my our water year is going to be very hard on farmers :-(

  4. I hear you Jo. Here in south western Kentucky we had 3” of the white stuff last Friday night after upper 70’s during the week. It didn’t last long and we are back to normal temps.

  5. Middle TN has been having lots of rain which is common for spring. Our trees are flowering and spring flowers are up and blooming. Then without warning we got hit by a frost and 4 inches of snow. Needless to say the flowering trees are wilted and our flowers are full of dead blooms. The weather has been wild and crazy this winter season. So glad you did not get the snow and just a few flakes.

  6. Since it was spring break this week I had the chance to hire a 15 year old to help with some yard work. This morning was cold so we quit at noon but I, too, know winter is not finished with us yet. We got quite a bit done but now I’ll wait.

  7. I just checked and there was a ‘Showers Likely than Showers’ for Saturday. I guess we might have or not have showers tomorrow.

  8. In Boise, Idaho, we are “predicted” to have rain tomorrow (Saturday). But the low in the morning is supposed to be around 33. Translation= snow maybe in the morning, turning to rain later. Today was around 60 degrees with a light wind in the afternoon. Almost four seasons in a 24 hour period. Glad you got rain instead of snow. I think Ol’ Man Winter needs to go away.

  9. We had snow falling most of the day in Monona sometimes it looked like snowballs falling from the sky. The lawns are white and the streets are full of slush. School went on as usual.

  10. It snowed most of the day here in Monona (about 40 miles from you) and some of the time it looked like snowballs falling. The lawns are white and the streets are full of slush but school went on as usual.

  11. Here in southern Alberta we are in drought conditions. Your moisture would be a blessing here. Sadly, it’s warm and dry ☹️

  12. No rain or snow in Kasson today, the sun broke thru a few times and it was less windy than it has been. We were apparently just on the edge of the precipitation – as we have been so many times in the past few months. We have a few snow piles left but I think the frost has mostly gone out because the snow melt puddles in the yard have disappeared. Sherry

    PS – Jo, if you end up over in Osage next Wednesday (23rd) thru the weekend, stop over at Debbie’s – we are retreating there!

  13. We had snow most of the day here in Monona (40 miles from you) and some of the time it was like snowballs falling. The lawns are white and the streets are full of slush but school went on as usual.

    1. Yup. March in Michigan. Such fun…. of course not. This is my least favorite month Haha! Yesterday was so lovely I did some long overdue landscaping. Today, cold breeze off the lake and rain. I did enjoy some rumbles of thunder though!

  14. Don’t hate me, we had 91 and sunny today, but my knee tells me a bit of rain in a couple of days. We had a light frost last week, and that should be it for this winter. Strawberries are at their peak and just berrylicious! Looking for boueberries to come in soon!

  15. Had a clinic appointment in La Crosse today and ran into heavy snow, low visibility, and nasty roads around Waukon and heading to Lansing. Just as we were ready to turn around go back home, we drove out of it.

  16. Hey Jo, your front steps look a lot warmer than mine here east of St. Paul. I was surprised to see your weather map and learn that you are so near!

  17. Hey Jo! That Karl response totally sounded like something my family would say! Rainy down here in Illinois- near St.Louis.

  18. Out here in California we would love to get some of your precipitation. How crazy it is in the US that one section of the country has flooding and another has drought.

  19. Raining here this morning –lightly. The upcoming week is predicted to be pretty warm for us here on the SE CT coastline..Fine by me!! :)))
    Often snow storms miss us in winter; and in the dryness of Summer many rain storms get blown out to sea and just graze our area…We;ve had an awful lot of gray days here…O Spring where are you hiding???’000
    hugs, Julierose

  20. Recently, we’ve had several thunderstorm warnings with little no rain and nothing else (one bad one tho), we’ve had tornado warnings but one touched down south of us with very little damage and no loss of life. That one we’re thankful for!
    Love and prayers

  21. Move to the islands of Hawaii. We have all 4 seasons,too, elevation wise.
    81°/71° humidity 77 Coconut palms are pollinating thus allergy season birds are nesting and butterflies and the whales are all northbound.

  22. I have found a quite accutate forcaster on youtube. Ryan Hall Y’All. He does west to east. Uses several methods to give an at least honest idea of whats ahead. Worth a look.

  23. Cheryl in Dallas

    So many of you readers commented that your area had snow, so I Googled it and found out all about snow. Sounds cold!

    From sunny warm Dallas,

  24. It was cold and rainy here in Coralville Iowa City area yesterday. Glad it wasn’t snow.Good day to stay in and get some work done. So ready for Spring. We are readying our house for sale and need to get outside (when hubby isn’t working) to spruce up for warm weather. We’ll be moving to Illinois south of the Quad Cities so there won’t be a lot of change in our weather patterns in our future. Hubby likes the change of seasons just not all within hours of each other. LOL

  25. Same weather in Waverly yesterday. It was not nice. Today is beautiful. Did some errands this morning and am sewing little pineapple blocks this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  26. We had quite a bit of rain this week until yesterday and today. Our weather guy (on Q13 FOX) is pretty darn good and accurate in his forecasting. Abby on same channel is, too. Glad you got rain and no white mosquitos! That’s what we called snow when we were trucking across the USA and Canada.

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