My Vintage Spool Holder

When I was thrifting the other day I came across this…  a spool holder with pincushion.


I had seen them before and antique shows but didn’t want to part with the $10 they were listed for.  This one was only $1 so I bought it.

I would love to someday have a nice collection of vintage sewing notions and gadgets but I want to find them all on the cheap side, not the $10 side.

This one is a little funky in color…and to be honest the pincushion is made of some type of fabric or has some type of filling that doesn’t let the pins poke into it very easily.

If I lift the knobs, I can get to the spools.  I think it’s so cute even if the pincushion isn’t very functional.

For now it’s going straight into a packing box with destination of the new house.  I really should stay out of stores until it’s time to move but my thrift stores are just too tempting.

Today I am thankful for thrift stores.  I can shop in them store after store after store.  I am so lucky that in my area we have especially awesome ones.  I absolutely hate shopping anywhere else except the grocery store.  When our oldest two were in high school they loved to shop.  It was almost painful for me.  I hate driving an hour to just be in the store looking at stuff I don’t care about.  It was always my pet peeve that when a style was in, that style was the only thing to see in store after store after store.

At the thrift store…everything is different and it changes hour by hour.  There’s always a sense of mystery.  There’s always a chance I might “strike it rich”.  I love my thrift stores and I am so thankful that there are people who do like to shop and then donate to the thrift stores….without you shoppers of the world, my thrift stores would be pretty boring.

Today I an thankful for my thrift stores.

2 thoughts on “My Vintage Spool Holder”

  1. Besides the bargains in thrift stores, there’s entertainment. “Why would somebody buy THAT in the first place?” I used to think my husband didn’t like thrift shops, until he came home from a business trip, and told me about the great Salvation Army store he found in San Francisco.

  2. Hey, Jo, perhaps it’s not a pin cushion, but a needle cushion. It’s tiny and difficult to push pins in, but maybe similar to those emery strawberries attached to those tomato pin cushion. It looks more like that with the thread spool holders. Makes sense to me. HIH

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