My Vintage Chair

I was at our local thrift store and saw this chair.

I was so excited.  Trust me, I know it’s a little goofy but I also know that about 10 years ago I bought the craft pattern to make one and never did but always wanted one.  I just never got brave enough to ask hubby to do the wood working part of it so the pattern just sat.

Two different cutter quilts were used to make it.  I have tried to figure out the pattern of the quilt but can’t quite figure it out.  There are the little triangles and then a big arrow.  I don’t know that I have ever seen anything like it.

The seat part is a crumb quilt with initials in it.

It’s not a masterpiece or anything worth any money but the price was right.   I bought it for $1.50.   I am debating but I think it just might need a Ragedy Ann type doll to sit in it.  I think it’s cute that I had bought the pattern years ago, but never made it, yet now I own one.

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13 thoughts on “My Vintage Chair”

  1. I think it i a tree pattern (huge) the arrow is the trunk with the point being the branching out trunk bit and the triangles are the leaves. Turn your head and see if you can see it.

  2. WOW I can’t believe that you only had to pay $1.50 for that chair. That chair would have gone home with me for that price. Nice find. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Too cute! I made one of these with my quilt group years ago and I made a cute patchwork teddy bear to sit in it. He wears glasses, and has a book sitting in his lap. Good find!

  4. I think the little triangles pattern is flying geese….a fun chair…and a bargain. Love giving new life to vintage…and you didn’t even have to make it!

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