My Vacation Souvenir

Hubby and I were gone for a few days last week.  We never take a “real” vacation.  We just go away for a couple days and hit a few places we normally wouldn’t have found time for.  This time it was an auction near Fairbanks, Iowa.

I didn’t intend on bidding on this quilt….I didn’t intend on buying it, but it happened.

There were lots of quilts there and most were embroidered on like this one.  The others didn’t have as bright and beautiful of colors but they are still pretty awesome.  I had looked at the quilt thinking it was gorgeous but knowing it would cost too much.

They started selling the other quilts.  They were going for $30 – $40 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was sick.  All that work.  All that time.  They were beautiful….all for $30 – $40. I felt like a crime was being committed before my very eyes!

The hand quilting is nice too….(Now back to my story)…  They started the bidding on this one.  Honestly even at $40, I was saving my money hoping to buy a dresser later on in the sale.  The bidding went on and this quilt sold for $55.  Then the auctioneer and the ring man stopped.  They had made an error in the bidding process and they were both getting bids from the same person.  They started selling it over.  The next thing I knew my hand was in the air and he said sold for $45 and it was mine!

It was a complete and total impulse buy.  I didn’t know what hubby would think after all, I don’t need another quilt in this house!!  He loved it and was shocked by the price too….

I didn’t end up buying the dresser but I did the quilt.  I guess it’s one of the best “vacation” souvenirs I have ever purchased.

P.S.  Did you get a chance to check out ConAgra Foods’ great site, The Dish?

12 thoughts on “My Vacation Souvenir”

  1. I visited “The Dish” just now, cuz of your linkie. I’m not sure it’s for me, but my kids’ step-mom (whom I live with) will love it. It’s right up her alley!

  2. what a shame that they were going for so little. We all know there are HOURS and Hours of time in that. I hope you enjoy it! bc I think it is priceless!

  3. That’s so pretty! And dressers are easier to come by than quilts (not that I’ve been looking for a dresser or have any idea what I’m talking about — but it just seems like there’d be more of them and fewer quilters coveting them…..)

  4. You got a steal on that quilt. You can hardly buy the fabric to make the quilt at that price, not counting all the hours it takes to make it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What an absolutely GORGEOUS quilt! $45 was well worth it! Kind of reminds me of the time my sister and I spent countless hours making cards for the annual bazaar at the nursing home my grandparents were in and then to see them sell them for 2 cents apiece! Done with that!

    Enjoy that beautiful quilt:)

  6. What a beautiful quilt!!! Last week we were in Oronoco, MN for Gold Rush days. I got two matching beautiful embroidered quilts, for $65/each. I can only think of the lady who spent all those hours embroidering and hand quilting them and someone selling them for so little. I too have way more quilts then I need but couldn’t leave them!

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I am sure the person that created this would approve of you adopting , loving it and using it!! I have seen some quilts get a much worse fate, like wrapped around tires in a garage. These quilt kits are still for sale on ebay–some finished, and some in the process of being finished. The price you paid is about what some of the common kits go for–depending on the condition. This one usually goes for more–all cotton–older kit. What a lovely remembrance of your time together this summer!! Thanks for the fun you bring to me day by sharing on your blog.

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