My Thursday….

I had the day off on Thursday of last week.  I say “day off” but it really wasn’t.  Sure I had time off of childcare but, I had doctor appointments and to me, that doesn’t classify as a day off.

First up mammogram.  Mine got shoved back but not too far.  I was supposed to have it over Christmas break but the day it was scheduled was a day we were supposed to have bad weather so I canceled it.  But I scheduled it as quickly as I could fit it into my schedule.  Mammograms are important.

I learned just how important they are the hard way.  I lost my niece Jody to breast cancer.  She battled it for six years with it coming back three times.  It was tough.  I still miss her every day.

I have heard that many people have put off procedures like mammograms and colonoscopies because of Covid.  Please don’t do that.  Putting them off can be so detrimental.  Cancer that might have been caught at stage one can escalate to a stage two or three before it is caught if we don’t stay diligent and keep the appointments.  Please make appointments for screenings today.

If you had a mammogram before and had a bad experience (my first time was bad), don’t be afraid to try again.  I had a different tech after that and it has been so much better.  She’s great.  Sometimes a bad experience has more to do with a bad tech than the actual procedure.

My results were back right away and everything looks good!  Yahoo!!

Next up was…a trip to Lacrosse.  I see the dermatologist there.  I’m a girl with lots of moles.  Many larger ones are on my back.  I can’t see them.  I don’t know what I’m looking for so again, I take this seriously and make appointments to be screened.

Here I started a new cross stitch project in the waiting room.  This is something I would love to get stitched.

I ended up getting a mole shaved on my face.  I had a raised mole that often would get a zit under it and ooze.  The doctor thought it was likely an ingrown hair follicle that gets infected but out of caution gave me the option to shave the mole.  I’ve always hated the mole so I was right on board for that.  I also got a skin tag removed.

As long as I was out, I caved to the longing to go to the thrift store.  I found some goodies including some fabric.  The piece that was $1.50 is a three-yard cut.  The piece that is $2.50 was 60″ wide and a 2 1/4 yard cut.  I was happy to add each of them to my backing pile.  I have not idea what I’m going to do with them, but they can live in my sewing room closet until either I use them or I donate them to someone else who needs them for backings.

The other thing I did while I was in town.  I did what Karl calls “treating myself”.  He is always telling me to do more for myself.  When it comes to me, I’m pretty stingy.

So…I bought myself some more Pioneer Woman dishes.

Here is the story.  When Pioneer dishes first came out, I was in love with the florals.  I wanted them.  Kramer was still living and I was sure he didn’t want to eat off of floral plates so, I compromised and bought one set.  I ate off the florals and he ate off the Fiesta Ware knock offs.  It worked.

Well, Kramer has passed away and it’s me and the dishes are mine.  It really doesn’t matter if they are all floral.  Karl is moving out and doesn’t have any dishes so, I did what all mothers who don’t spend money on themselves do…I justified my getting new dishes by giving Karl my old dishes.

Karl was happy.  I was happy.  It’s all good.  I have to say, I really do love the dishes.  They are my favorite.  I love that they all don’t match, yet coordinate.

On the way home Kalissa called me.  I was coming up on the closest town before home.  She told me that Craig was sick.  She was on her way to work.  I needed to get medicine and bring it for Craig.  Apparently, he had vertigo.  I said I would and asked her what to get.  She said Meclizine.  I said I had never heard of it.  The only store in the town that might have it was Dollar General.  I said that I highly doubted it would have Meclizine.  I’d never heard of it.

I thought I’d try vs turning around and going back to the bigger town.  So I pulled in.  They had rearranged the store.  I had to find the medicine section.  I ended up calling Kalissa.  I couldn’t remember what it was called.  She told me Meclizine.  I said I didn’t even have a clue where to look for it at in the medicine aisle.  I said, “By the Tylenol, cough and cold, where?”  She thought maybe near the Benadryl.  I looked and looked.  Finally, I said, “Is there another name it goes by like acetaminophen and Tylenol?”

She said, “Ya, motion sickness meds.”  Ah…now that I might be able to find.  I asked the clerk and we found it right away.

This is a typical story if you live with a nurse.  They are so familiar with calling it by its drug name, not the common name we all use.  For future reference, Meclizine is Motion Sickness Meds.

So from there, I headed to give the meds to Kalissa.  She was on her way to work the overnight shift when Craig called and said he was sick.  Craig was supposed to take care of the boys but obviously with vertigo and an almost two and a four-year-old, not the best mix.  Karl was already there taking care of the boys so I offered to take them to my house for a sleepover and that’s what happened.

Here we are snuggling before bed.

I ended up having to go to bed at 9 pm as the boys wouldn’t stay upstairs by themselves.  So, I got absolutely nothing checked off my to-do list, but the boys did fill up my “grandma love bucket”.  In the end, that’s most important.

There have been several that said after they had Covid that vertigo was an issue for them too.

…and that was my Thursday.

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  1. Yes, mammograms are so definitely important, as are self examinations. Last May I found a small lump and immediately contacted my doctor, who immediately ordered a mammogram. A lump was found and a biopsy done, revealing cancer. I underwent a lumpectomy. Because the lump was very small no chemo was ordered, and, at my age, I declined radiation. All was done within a month’s time, despite the pandemic shut downs. As I’ve advised my family and friends, please do the self exams and the mammos, especially if cancer runs in the family. So very important!

      1. yes, I read that too. I know that he has been looking for a house close to family so maybe he found something. Or Jo is setting aside the dishes for the day he moves out.

  2. I’m so glad you encourage others about health screenings! It is so important to stay current. And what a find at the thrift store! And the dishes – glad you did that for yourself

  3. Glad your mammo came back negative. I suffer w/vertigo & when it acts up, life is horrible. I hope your sil is better soon

  4. Yes, the Grandma love bucket was the best way to go. I’m missing that here in SoCal. My grands are in lock down as most of us are. I do call and google meet. A small compensation.

  5. I’m so glad you were able to keep your appointments this time, it really is important to get them done. I have a few friends who have suffered vertigo after Covid, it is not fun, so glad you were able to take the boys on a sleepover. What a full day. Our daughter also likes the pioneer dishes and I think its all those colors but its not matchy matchy but it all goes together.

  6. Sometime in November you also mentioned and showed your Pioneer Woman pasta bowls. I ordered them that day and love them. Thanks for sharing.

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