My Tagless Garage Sale Find

A post from Kelli–

A few weeks ago, before Dad passed away, I heard about a tagless garage sale that a group was going to sponsor in the next town over.  The parents of the middle school students had gotten together and decided to put on a tagless garage sale and vendor show as a fundraiser for the student’s trip to Washington D.C and I was thrilled to contribute.  They had tons of vendors with clothing, jewelry, and all kinds of goodies.  But me?  I was going for the tagless garage sale.

I found a few clothing items and some other odds and ends, but this was one of my favorite finds!

Looks like a regular old cookbook right?  Well this cookbook was created and such by yours truly!  Me!

After high school, I went to Upper Iowa.  After 5 1/2 years, I ended up graduating with a degree in Secondary Education and able to teach social studies and business, as well as Management and Marketing degrees.  I did a marketing internship with mom and ended up doing my Management Internship at the daycare center I worked at.  As part of a fundraiser, we made a cookbook and I was responsible for getting the recipes together and submitted.

Here you can see my name–Kelli Kramer–if you look really close!

I also shared some of mom’s recipes–We love these hot dog meatballs!  Here’s the link for them

It’s always fun going through and seeing what kinds of recipes people have added in.  As great as Pinterest is, sometimes there’s nothing better than a paper cookbook and some old church recipes.  I especially like flipping through them and seeing who submitted them.  I’ve made friends with a few ladies at the nursing home and like to try their recipes and report back to them.

It looks like I even “borrowed” one of Kalissa’s recipes here–Cheesecake!  Who doesn’t love cheesecake?  Actually Jason doesn’t….which may be his most unredeeming quality…You can see the link better here

I found mom’s Smores Brownies too–See??


If you haven’t tried these before, you definitely should.  They require little more work than regular brownies, but they are so good….and a definite change from the normal!

It was also kind of fun thinking back to those days.  I worked full time at the bar, went to school at full time and then on Wednesdays worked at the Daycare because I didn’t have school at all.  I wasn’t dating Jason at the time, but somehow also fit in a pretty eventful social life too!  I’ve made lots of changes–most for the better, but it’s still fun to think back to how much I’ve changed…And matured which has definitely been a welcome change–For everyone!


7 thoughts on “My Tagless Garage Sale Find”

  1. You are as amazing as your Mom, and Kalissa. I just love all the things you all write about. I look forward to each day reading about your exciting finds. Going to sales are so much fun. I just love seeing all the things you all are interested in finding and buying. You all sure do fine nice things

  2. Wow! Putting together that cookbook was awesome …and so was finding an old copy! I love reading all your posts!
    -Jean ❤

  3. Donna Pheneger

    I love these kinds of cookbooks. We did one years ago when I taught in IN for our school fundraiser and I still have it.

  4. I’m with Sally (above) what is a tagless garage sale? I’ve never heard of one. In our area, we call them yard sales but I’ve never heard of a tagless version. Please enlighten us.

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