My Surprise Was Ruined…

I am expecting my daughter Kelli to come home today….she is supposed to come to quilt this.
I was going to surprise her and have it all in the machine for her.  I got up at 5am hurrying have it loaded in the machine and to get a few things done before she got here.  I got it loaded.   Then I thought I would surprise her by filling the bobbins too….then I thought, I’ll start quilting it for her….then I thought wouldn’t she be surprised if I quilted the whole thing?  This was going great…I was getting out of my housework.  I’d just have her help me with that being she would have a finished quilt.   All was going great until I ran out of thread….UGH!   I’m only about 1/4 of the way finished.

Kelli is making this quilt for a wedding present.  It’s a disappearing nine patch design using Sandy Gervais fabric lines, Candy Kisses mixed with Flutter.  I am just free motion quilting hearts and loops….it’s one of the quickest, easiest designs and perfect for a wedding present.
Now I have to call Kelli and tell her to purchase thread before she comes home….so much for my big surprise….little surprises are nice though…and now I am back to housework…UGH!  It was fun while it lasted….

3 thoughts on “My Surprise Was Ruined…”

  1. Isn’t that always the way it goes? The quilt looks great – sorry you had to go back to housework – quilting is so much more fun! My mom is coming to visit next week from Florida and will be staying in my sewing room – so the quilting will stop at my house for a week. Oh well, time to pull out the knitting . . .

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