My Sunday…

Sunday morning was Grandma duty day.  Craig was in the field planting crops.  Kalissa worked the overnight the night before and was working the next overnight.  Carver was supposed to sing at church as part of his last day of Sunday School.

There was no one to take Carver so Grandma to the rescue…but that meant taking Gannon too.  The boys are not good church going material.  They aren’t quiet.  They don’t sit still.  They talk out loud.  They ask loud questions.  Due to covid, they haven’t been to church much and aren’t in practice, so I said I’d take them…but before we left, I took a huge dose of patience.

You can spot Carver in the front in his plaid shirt.

If you can’t tell which one was him, take a look at this picture…yep, the one with his hands on his eyes.

On the way to church he had talked to me about how uncomfortable he felt about singing upfront.  He felt nervous and didn’t want everyone looking at him.  I told him to just look at me or his teacher and then he wouldn’t see everyone else.  I think the hands on his eyes was part of the uncomfortable feelings he had.

Considering I had the boys, it’s no surprise I got nothing out of the sermon at church.  I can tell you it was about pruning grapes and vines and kids going to college was a form of pruning…but she said that right at the beginning…the rest, I didn’t really get.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything out of church.  The kids sang three songs.  All old favorites….This Little Light of Mine and I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart.  Admittedly, the kids didn’t sing the best…but I honestly got more out of that exchange than anything else.

After church Carver had Sunday School and there was a reception for the graduating seniors.  I stayed with Gannon at the reception.  It was nice to visit with many I hadn’t seen for a while.  Gannon threw a fit.  He’s definitely terrible two.  He made visiting interesting…

After Carver was done I decided to take the boys to McDonalds and to the park.  I don’t do any special outings with them so this was nice.

All the way driving to McDonalds, Carver sang This Little Light of Mine.  I sang along with him and we had a great time.  I have to say, I think the singing we both did was just what I needed.  Sometimes a simple kids song can really put things into perspective.  Sometimes, even adults need to be reminded to let their light shine.

Here’s a couple pictures of the boys at the park.

The park adventure didn’t go completely smooth.  Carver had to use the restroom.  He announced to anyone near us that he had to go poop.  He was wiggling and indicating that we needed to fast.  Gannon, of course, was not interested in “leaving”.  We weren’t leaving, just going to the restroom.  We made it and all was well, but I have to make a point to talk to him about not yelling, “Joey, I have to poop” at the park or anywhere else.  As we made our way to the bathroom he told two different kids that he had been playing with that he’d be back but had to poop first…oh my.  He’s all of four.

We had good time and I think that’s all that really matters.

I dropped the boys off at their house as Kalissa had an afternoon sitter and went home to do my things.

My plans were blog writing and hopefully sewing and then end the night with cross stitching.  That did not happen.  It didn’t happen at all.

Karl called me and said he was going to mow the lawn and till the garden.  I thought as long as he was working outside, I better too.

Remember the front of the vegetable garden?  You can see it in the picture below.  To the left is where we plant veggies.  At the trellis area I have flowers.

The weeks get out of control here.  No matter what I do, I don’t like it and it doesn’t work.

I decided to start ripping it out.  At first I started simple.  I started digging out iris’.  I love iris’.  I hated to throw them away so I dug some, took a picture and posted the iris’ for free on the local Facebook sale group.  I had two people come right away.  One dug her own and the other took what I had dug.

I kept at it moving plants and trying to come up with a better plan.  I had a yellow rose I hated up by the rock.  I dug that out and moved a different plant there.  I kept taking more and more plants out of the flower area of the garden and started filling them in places in the other landscaping.

As I worked, Karl mowed lawn.  That was another story.  The short version fo that story is: He couldn’t get my lawn mower to start so he went to Kalissa’s and borrowed hers.  It’s nice the three of us only live six blocks apart.  We can do these types of things.

I kept moving plants and dirt.

Karl and I went in the house at 6pm or so.  We were ready to call it a day.  Then friends of ours stopped and asked if I had iris left.  I did.  They stayed awhile and visited.  It was nice to catch up.

We ended up back outside loading up iris’ for them.  Then as I was standing there I asked if she wanted that rose I dug out.  She did and ended up handing off about four other plants.

Off they went…then Karl went into the house to finish making supper.

Then someone else came and wanted iris’.  I really had given what I thought I wanted to part with…but she had driven to me house…so I culled harder and gave her some too.

After that I headed to the garage to park the wheelbarrow and the put the shovels away.  I stopped and looked at the garden area now that I had taken out WAY more plants than I ever intended.

It was then that I FINALLY figured out a plan.  All along as I was giving plants away and moving plants around, I really didn’t have a plan.  FINALLY I did.  I came up with a plan.  All day I had been working with no realy plan.  It felt WONDERFUL to finally have a plan!!  I think I’ll finally get it how I want in a more manageable way.  I’m so excited to get back out there and work on it again.

I ended up going back in the house and talked to Karl about it while he made supper.

After supper we cleaned up.  I took a shower and cross stitched my night away…That sounds like a had a lot of cross stitch time.  That would be wrong.  It was 9:30 pm but the time my butt hit the chair.  It was a LONG day…but I loved it all…

I had the best weekend in a very long time.  I feel like things are falling in place.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

…and that was my Sunday.

12 thoughts on “My Sunday…”

  1. So what is your plan? Cliffhanger!!! The boys are adorable! I just love fun boy behavior. I had 7, so yes, I’m familiar with their way of addressing certain topics haha! You had me laughing.

  2. You certainly had a long day, but it is always to see little children together singing in church. I, too, love the simple children’s song and I still sit at my piano sometimes and just play them. I used to play for children’s song time at our church way back when. I am glad you now have a plan, what a perfect ending for a day in the yard.

  3. I just chuckled all the way through your post. It reminded me of when my oldest daughter, now almost 34, was in front of the congregation of our small church and kept raising her dress over her head. Fortunately, they were a very loving and forgiving group.
    There’s nothing like yard work, is there, to second guess yourself!
    Love and prayers

  4. Kids – so funny (and sometimes embarrassing) what they’ll do or say! Looks as though you had nice weather on Sunday – a good day to find a plan.

  5. It was so nice of you to share more plants than you had intended, Jo. What remains will grow even better with the “breathing room” that your generosity has provided! Best of luck implementing the new garden plan.

  6. WOW what a day. What a couple of weeks you have had. Your life sounds much busier and more fun than my quiet life. Love hearing about it all!!

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    Life is a learning process. The boys will grow up–and yes one has to be adaptable. But in spite of it all–you had an enjoyable day , time with the grandsons, lots of visiting , gifting flowers and making a plan. Oh and a little bit of cross stitching. What a day!!

  8. How great that Carver could share his thoughts with you about singing in front of the congregation. You are a wonderful grandma!

  9. Thank you, Jo, for letting your light shine into the lives of your blog readers; sharing your plants, taking the boys to church, arranging homes for charity quilts, talking about life’s ups and downs. It gives us joy, joy, joy, joy deep in our hearts when we begin and end each day with you. Prayers for you and your family and our community across the net. Kris

  10. dear Jo, what a blessing you are to your family and neighbours! I love reading about you and your kids and grand children and of course your sewing projects…interestingly our Pastor spoke of the same Bible passage on Sunday…the Lord is obviously doing a great job pruning out any selfishness in your character. Selflessness, serving, encouraging and loving your fellow man spring to mind as what i see about you from your writing. What an encouragement you are!

  11. I used to tell my granndsons that they couldn’t discuss bodily functions at the table. It rarely worked. You made me tired just hearing all you did. Glad you had such a good Sunday.

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