My Sunday Work

Sunday after was a beautiful day and my days to finally get the plants moved from the farm were ticking away as before I know it, there will snow and bad weather.

I accessed what was at the farm and places I had here that I could plant plants.  I ended up with this along the south side of the house.  From the air conditioner unit to the white fence I planted iris’.  They  are a good old fashion hardy flower that need little to no maintenance so I wanted them.  Along the white fence are a variety of other plants I had at the farm…Russian Sage, Veronica, Coreopsis, Lillies and I can’t remember what else.  At this point, I am not real picky.  I simple what to get plants in the ground.  Next year I can play with their placing if I don’t like it.


Along the garage which is the south side I planted variegated hostas and my one hearty purple aster.


A mismatch of more plants were planted along the front of what will be the vegetable garden on each side of the trellis.  I moved my Clematis’ and I so hope they come back along with some plants that I originally got from my mother’s flower garden.  They really mean a lot to me.

At this point I have two rose bushes that I thought about moving yet but other than that, I think we can finally say we have everything from the farm.  That is so nice to be able to say.  All summer we’ve been wanting to move the plants but really couldn’t until we had the lawn landscaped.

Thankfully Sunday the weather was amazing….just beautiful.  It was a great day to be outside and working….and it was a great job to have finished.  I do have to keep reminding myself that although the plants look scraggly now they will look much better next year.

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  1. I am a plant person, love digging in the dirt, good to see plants at your new home, a house is not a home if you don’t have a few flowers around.

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