My Sunday Afternoon

Today is a day I have desperately been in need of.  A QUIET DAY!!

On Friday Kelli and I hit the send button and sent off our manuscript for our new quilt book to the publisher.  It was such a huge relief…a huge relief.  We’re by no means done with the book as there will be rewrites and proofing but for now, we are breathing a little more easily.

However…our eyes have been opened to all the things we have let slack while we’re been so busy….like our sewing rooms….

Oh my word!!!  It is about the worst I have ever let it get.  Beyond that, I’ve left the leaves out in the table in the dining room and there is fabric and paper and STUFF all over that too.  I spent much of yesterday working on this but didn’t get to the dining room.

Have I said what a saint my husband is to put up with all of this?!?!  I keep having a fantasy that once we get to the new house, I’ll keep things more contained.  I guess one can hope right??  In the meantime this mess has to be tackled!

One of the things that is hardest for me is deciding how to store some of the left over fabric.  A few of the quilts in the book were sewn with Moda fabric lines.  We will have 30 layer cake squares left over…or 35 charm squares….I hate to just throw that in with other fabric when all of it coordinates…ah…  If anyone has advice on storing those things from fabric lines, I’d love to hear it.

I have made great progress…but for now, I’m ready to set some of this cleaning aside and go work on a charity quilt on the quilting frame…wow it’s nice to have some free time to choose what I want to do…of course, it’s still quilting related..but I can choose at least for the weekend….then it’s back to reality.

6 thoughts on “My Sunday Afternoon”

  1. I put all my Bonnie and Camille leftover fabric in a clear plastic container. Then when I have
    lots of scraps I make a quilt.

  2. Gosh, I wish I lived next to you you have my kind of work ethic. I keep my layer cakes in a tote (dollar store) and seperate the lines by layers of cardboard (write the line on the top board). I have smaller size totes that hold charms which I keep the same way. I find I like to ‘marry’ lines, so they blend into a project sometime down the way.

  3. I’ve always been that messy, I hate it, and can’t seem to stop getting into messes. Oh well clean house dirty mind, dirty house, clean mind.

  4. I have a needlepoint sampler that says “Dull women have immaculate houses.” I must be interesting as the dickens. I do try to clean up my sewing room yet somehow get sidetracked.

  5. My sewing room looked like this last week. Good luck. It takes time to sort it out. I would keep them in a seperate bag

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